am i overreacting???

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by brunette&bubs, Jan 29, 2011.

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    I feel totally neglected and alone this weekend.

    My husband went out with one of his friends last night and was gone from 8 PM until about 2 AM. And was so drunk he fell asleep. Which is fine because I said he could go out last night since it has been so long since he's gone out with the guys.

    Well he slept until almost noon today and then got up and invited me to go to lunch with his friend and him. I thought that was a nice gesture so I took him up on that offer and we went to lunch and then they dropped me off back at home and they went to his friends house.

    I hadn't heard from my husband all afternoon and his parents are out of town and they asked us if we could take their dogs on a walk this afternoon for them. I texted my husband and asked if he wanted me to do it and he said no, he'd be leaving soon and he would do it.

    So then I just receive a phone call from him and he says "Oh WE (his friend and him) are walking the dogs then we were gonna go work out at the gym if you wanted to come." Well, my husband was supposed to help me shovel and clean some baby stuff today but he's been gone. I brought that up and then yelled "When you are finished hanging out with Jon let me know!" and hung up.

    So he calls me back and says he is taking Jon home and will come home and shovel and then they are going to get back together and go work out. And to top it off they are going out again tonight! I simply said "I don't want to talk to you right now" and hung up.

    UGH! I'm so upset. I hung up the phone and cried. I feel so neglected! I'm getting induced in 11 days and we still have a ton of stuff to do and he is just hanging out with his friend all day...not even spending any time with me!:cry:

    Am I overreacting? What would you do when he gets home?
    It's just hard for me because I'm home alone doing stuff all day and my husband is out working during the week and I thought we could spend time together this weekend...our 2nd to last weekend alone. but it looks like we wont.
    :thumbup: good job if you read this far.
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    Aww hun, sorrry u'r having a crappy day...
    Definetly not overreacting... bcos I can say id be feeling the same way as you... and I'm not even near my due date. I can just imagine u r pretty stressed out and ud like ur Oh's surpport.
    My wee two cent worth of advice would be to maybe c this weekend as ur oh's last weekend of freedom before lo arrives... I know its not wat u planned, when he's back tell him u understand that he needed sometime with his mates, even though he overstepped the mark a lil...u understand...BUT say next weekend he's all yours, u's have stax to do, aswell as just spend some special lone time with each other... tell him to promise u just this little thing ;)
    This way it could save u both having a wee argument or tensions rising... and u get ur point across...
    hope I make sense...
    Try not to stress urself out hun... :hugs:

    Please forgive any errors, as I'm on my mobile....xo
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    Nov 1, 2010
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  4. rockabillymom

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    Im sorry things are crappy. Maybe hubby just needs some guy time right now. I think its nice for them to get away from all our estrogen sometimes especially with as moody as we can be. Ive gotten mad at DH a couple times now for hanging out with his friends when I thought he should be with me but sometimes they need to have a little bit of a long leash.. In 11 days he wont be able to hang out with his buddy as much because youll have a baby here so im sure he just wants to get some guy time in before your LO is here.

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