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Jun 17, 2008
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Well recently been having headaches, seeing flashing lights. Constant tiredness and exhaustion, literally nothing i do seems to stop me feeling tired. Yesterday i had pins and needles in my hands and feet, +1 protein in my urine, high BP and almost collapsed whilst shopping so was sent over to QE2, where im due to deliver baby, for monitoring. She was fine no problems my BP dropped and the protein was no longer in my urine. So they took some blood and found i am Anaemic. This was causing all the symptoms and i have now been given Iron tablets and Folic Acid. I have never been so frightened in all my life. Anybody else Anaemic? x
Hi, don't worry it ain't too bad. I found out I was anaemic at my last doc appointment. It explained why I had been so tired and exhausted. Have been taking the iron tablets for a couple of weeks and they have made a real difference to my energy levels. The side effects haven't been too bad. I haven't had an upset stomach and apart from a bit of nausea the first few days, has been fine. Don't be scared by black poo though LOL.
Hi I got some bloods back this week that said I was very very slightly anaemic but nothing to be really worried about. Still, it did make me understand why I'd been feeling so tired - like you, I'd been getting headaches, feeling listless, no energy, etc etc.
I'm now taking a vitamin that includes iron and am eating lots of iron-rich foods like spinach, red meat, peas etc.
Still feel tired but feel I am doing something about it!
Hope you feel better soonx
Don't be scared by black poo though LOL.

Thats the first thing my mum said to me :rofl: I must admit i am not looking forward to that part lol.

Do you not have it already after 2 weeks of tablets? Mine took a day to take its delightful effect!

I'm anaemic too, posted a couple of threads about it recently here in 3rd tri and also in preg club. I was given the iron syrup because I'm veggie but one try and I nearly vomited it all back up again (I still suffer a lot with nausea) so I'm on the tablets anyway compromising by morals. Unfortunately I've noticed no difference in my tiredness at all and I didn't have any other visible symptoms of anaemia. Glad they are helping you feel better!

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