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Sep 1, 2006
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To cut a long story short we had Rebecca's pics done at the babyshow.

They arrived today and are (in my opinion) gorgeous, 1 of them especially has caught her laughing and i love it.

I decided to give copies to my close family-took them to 6 different shops-jessops, klick etc and all refused to copy them as it breeches copyright law and they could be fined £3k! they are apparently copyright to the photographer who is london based.:hissy:

FFS I am gutted, my scanner is bust, and no one I know has a colour copier.

I really wanted copies done and tbh after spending £55 on 3 pics I do not want to pay through the ear again by requesting copies from the actual photographer. And I wanted it on canvas and they wont do that either!

Sorry for the rant but can u tell im gutted!:hissy: :hissy:
awww hun thts shit :( i still aint coiped my pics i got done, but i did get 1 on canvas! mind u it cost me £110!!!!! i wud copy thm 4 u... but well ur a bit far :hugs:
Could you contact the photographer and buy the copyright?? Its a pain in the ass isn't it :(
What about a library they usually have copiers ... Faxes don't they? A local independant PC shop maybe too ...
Would that be expensive Beanie? Im a babe on a budget just now(well a hef but it dont sound rite!), so can't afford to fork out loads!:cry:
tesco do it. you just have to sign the form to say you are taking responsiblity for it.

i done it with Diors pics.

she had some done before and i lost the huge pic of it i only had the tiny sample one left i took it to tesco and got it blown up my self.

asda refused to do it
KX if u want to send me one of your pics and i would be happy enough to scan them off n print them if u wanted to :hugs:
I have a similar thing, I want some pics blown up but only have small copies, so I am going to try to take pics of them and see how they turn out :wacko:

Although.........thinking about it, it was Olan Mills where I had these pics done, and they have gone bust now, so technically, there would be no one to sue whoever blew them up right? :baby:

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