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Another crap start to the day :(


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Nov 8, 2006
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Woke up this morning to find we have no hot water or heating.

Have just had to call out emergency heating engineer at £45 an hour!!!!! Ithink its cause our bathroom radiator is leaking so its reduced water pressure. So the engineer will disconnect that heater and fill the system again. Then we will seperatly have to look at getting a new radiator fitted (its an unusual size so will oct a fortune)

Oh and also our loo is playing up, so the engineer today will have a look at that for us too, cause its not flushing properly.

I have been so pissed off with all the dodgy electrica and plumbing in this place. The heating is ment to be covered by a 12 month guarentee from the fitters, but they are so impossible to get hold of I cant wait for them to phone me back, I have nappies that need washing! If Ifind out this has been caused by them fitting something wrong I will not be happy at having to pay to get it corrected!!!!!

Rant over.
And then it gets worse, the engineer just called back telling us to call someone else as they are too busy to make it out to us.

Juyst called someone else who charges £90 an hour :shock: :shock: So have finally ooked someone else who charges £70 for the first hour and £40 for every half hour after that.

Words cannot discribe how pissed off I am.
Oh No sweetheart that is horible for you and expensive!!! :shock:

:hugs: :hugs: :hugs:
Ouch! We have a policy with British Gas that covers pipes, heating, boiler etc. It would be worth looking into something like thst, as at that price, it could cost quite a bit :shock:

Hope he is only out for an hour and no longer! :wink:
cat get on phone to british gas and take policy out they will then send someone today even though you have just joined up and it will be covered. you dont have to be British Gas customer either,I am with E?? and it works still

My boiler went one day and I phoend and joined and they sorted me that day so is worth a shot and it costs me £13 a month.


LOL untill we moved we had british gas cover, then we got rid of it!

Because its not a boiler fault as such, its a faulty old radiator I dont think our policy covered us for old radiators, just actuall plumbing or boiler faults. Also having just had the boiler fitted we are covered by a 12 month parts and labour gurantee. But Iam pretty sure its cause when we had our shower fitted, we had the plumber take off our radiator so we could tile the wall behind it, then they put it back on but did warn that the radiator was slightly corroded, and sure enough after it was put back on it has been leaking slightly, cause we have been trying to patch it up.

Still, Ihave now had another engineer cancell on me due to family emergency, so have had to call another one, who is local and instead of charging an ourly rate, he is charging £60 & VAT call out. hopefully if its as straightforward as Im thinking it wont cost us as much.
jeez! cant believe the call out fees ! what a joke !

Hope it all gets sorted for you soon, you must be so frustrated with it all!

All done :) The second engineer also cancelled on us! but fouind someone else who just charged a set callout fee which including VAT was £80, he also fixed our loo for us, and showed us what had happened with the heating and if it should happen again how to fix it ourselves.

We do still need to replace the radiator in the bathroom but at least in the meantime everything is working and I have found a radiator for £70 which I think we will be able to get a friend to fit easily enough.

Crises over, I have nappies in the washing machine!
Gosh start of a nightmare but not a bad ending


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