Anxiety After Scan + Couple Questions

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Second Trimester' started by MrsAgar, Jun 4, 2011.

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    I know it's crazy but everytime I have an ultrasound for a week or so after I have bad anxiety. I feel so much love for this little guy swimming around in there and have no control over his well being. I just get so scared that something will happen and I won't be able to cope.

    I have a couple questions for you ladies...

    1. The further along I get the louder the heartbeat gets on my doppler. It sounds loud and fast but doesn't ever register on a certain heartrate. It jumps from 130 to 140 to 150 to 160. It's all over the place. What's up with that?

    2. For the past week I have been waking up with really bad lower abdominal pain. Almost feels cramped up, but once I get up and walk around for a bit it goes away. Any idea what could be causing it? It was pretty bad last night.

    3. I have all the symptoms of a UTI but I went to the hospital on Sunday and they said no trace in my urine whatsoever. What else could it be? Was it maybe just starting on Sunday and only would register through a urine sample now?

    I could probably think of a million more questions lol but I'll stop here! I really appreciate all of you ladies taking time to reply to my threads! Means alot to this paranoid mama. My husband would thank you too!!
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    I know that they look specifically for a range of heart rates when they monitor you, there is a pattern they look for to do with how fast the heart speeds up to cope with baby moving and how quickly it slows down again. But I don't know the specifics, midwives/docs are the experts so if I were you I'd put the Doppler down and walk away!

    Re : UTI - which symptoms have you got? If it is just need to pee all the time and not feeling like you are able to fully empty bladder this is normal pregnancy stuff to do with baby pushing on bladder etc. If you have stinging when you pass urine perhaps you need to be more hydrated, if you have a fever and back ache you need to go back to the doctor ASAP.
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    I'm the same way I have another ultrasound on tuesday because they rescheduled my anatomy ultrasound for my little girl. I'm not as nervous as I was before because yesterday I got to see her and the tech didn't say anything looked suspicious.

    I have the same problem with the HB but its normal. The HB can range anywhere from 120 -180 , depending on how active the baby is being at the moment you catch it. The bigger/older the baby gets the slower the HB gets so don't be worried.

    I ALSO get pain in my abdominal region ( because my baby uses my bladder as a been bag chair & my placenta as a pillow :haha: ) I think its just from the baby being balled up in a certain postion while we are sleeping. It changes when you get up and walk around because the baby is forced to move and find another position to sleep in.

    As far a your UTI I'm not really sure whats going on, maybe just drink more liquids. They would have been able to tell you if a UTI was even remotely in your system. Hope I helped!

    Its our first child & i'm always full of questions, dont feel too bad :friends:

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