Any Christians Wanna Chat?


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Oct 24, 2010
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I'm just up for Chatting with Christians right now. At any stage in your faith, in your Life.

I'm having a time trying to figure out how to get my 3 year old more in touch with God right now. He watches Veggie Tales, and Prays for every meal and every night, but I don't know how to really really incorporate Jesus into his daily life. It sounds kind of bad, but I just don't want to be too forceful, or too Lenient, you know?

Anyways, if anyone has anything to say about Christianity, please, Chime in and chat! Look forward to talking with you all!

God Bless!
hi girl
I am a follower of christ, and been a believer since age 5 when I gave my heart to jesus. My husband is getting there with his journey, and since being with me he has started praying twice a day with me before he goes to work and before we go to sleep at night.
We go to church and although he is a quiet person 'I feel he is being blessed for his efforts because its not easy being socially anxious and being around outgoing loud Christian couples

Your child will over time come to really gain an understanding of just how powerful and amazing Jesus Christ is, keep praying for him because like the saying goes
"prayer works"

All the best
if you ever want to chat or need prayer, let me know
Send me a PM and I will give you my email and msn

lots of love and blessings girl :angel:
YAY!!! Someone replied!! I wasn't sure if anyone would. Lately I've been feeling extremely ignored on BnB. My husband said "Maybe its cause everyone is intimidated by the Jesus freak haha"

But thank you for replying. I've been praying a lot for him lately. He REALLY had a spirit of rebellion, so we've been praying to rid him of it. Its working!

Prayer most certainly does work!! (You can read my story of my BFP)

That is SOO great that your Husband is taking steps in his faith! That just warms my heart! I love when people turn to Christ. There's just something so wonderful about it. Also that you guys pray together. Its so hard for people to pray together.

My husband and I only started doing it just a few months ago, after I read something on facebook saying "Couples that Pray together, Stay together" So I took the idea to him, and it was really hard at first, but we do it all the time now! I love it. It really has brought us closer together!

How long have you been TTC if you don't mind me asking?
ive not been in the religion section for awhile so missed your thread sorry, your doing the same things with your LO that Im doing with my boys we talk about God freely around the house and often have praise and worship music playing or childrens Praise music and as they get older we will explain why we go to Church to them and my eldest (3 yrs old ) is moving from the creche at church to the youngest age group of the childrens work where they do some bible teaching at the childrens level. I have a "storytime bible" that I read to the boys. Basicly im doing what my parents did for me and my siblings when we were little and by the time we were each 10 years old we had made our own decision for Christ independant of our parents.
I plan to use the Bible as a tool when teaching my children to read as ive read studies that show that just using basic readers with the same repetative words doesnt really give anything that using a more complex book wont if the child is ready to learn to read and has good alphabet recognition skills
hey girls! xpecta- fellow Jesus freak here lol. i was not raised in the right way or to follow Jesus. we went to a church that followed the old testament but i never remember hearing about Jesus or the Holy Spirit. i was taught that God was angry cuz people are so evil. we were told about Jesus but that He was here as a man so that God could understand why we were so bad. (haha God understands everything he creates and wasnt taught that Jesus was my salvation) never prayed or read the bible at home. when i was about 10 we stopped going to church.

it wasnt til 4 years ago that i was saved. The Lord came to me and touched my heart. i will never be the same. i prayed so much for my DH and at that time 3 children. i was a mess too, so Jesus had a lot of work to do. still does though:haha: my DH was saved about a year later. we started praying as a family and studying the bible together. now we listen to praise and worship misic all the time, and we are so close as a family. i am blessed with so much. was pretty much disowned by my parents and siblings. my brother ended up getting saved in my home though and my sis was saved a short time ago!!! so i guess the Lord is giving them back to me. i told Him i would give up everything for Him, and dang near had to. my DH thought i was crazy before he got saved. we go to church now and i couldnt be happier. i will never let go of my Jesus. i have nothing good without Him:flower:

xpecta- i think you are doing everything right. you are putting the Lord in his life. as long as we continue to ask the Lord to lead us and our families He will. you can have faith in that!
blessedmomma , what a wonderful testimony of how God impacted your life and changed your family bringing them to him.

My OH wasnt a Christian when we met he became a Christian just after we got engaged ( i could see God had him so close and knew with all the prayer going into the situation that it would happen ) and he got baptised as a believer when our eldest son was 9months old.
lynnikins- thats so awesome. we serve a great God, He is so good. my DH and i along with our two oldest children got baptised last summer, oh my brother did too. it was amazing. i look at my family now and we are so completely different. i could never imagine being so peaceful and joyful at the same time before i was saved:happydance:
i noticed your younger children are quite close in age and your pregnant again, congrats
i noticed your younger children are quite close in age and your pregnant again, congrats

lol thank you! we decided to let the Lord space our children for us and decide also how many we would have. we want nothing more than for our children to glorify the Lord all of their lives. we pray they bring many to Christ, by His grace they will. we have received persecution about it by family and friends. even fellow christians. we decided to live for the Lord though and not people. only the Lord creates life, i trust Him with my whole heart:thumbup:
Hey guys

So I think I'm the newbie when it comes to going to church, my mothers family are church of England (Anglican) and my dads parents are catholic though I think his sisters are CoE as well. I started going to church last august so a year this month. We decided that if we were going to get married in a church we needed to affirm if we were Christians ourselves.

I was baptized and confirmed on the same day on February 6th. Nice to meet you ladies :thumbup:
Oh kitty, I'm newer to the Church than you. I only started going to Church in March of this year. BUT, my parents did raise me in Christ's name, so I had that advantage.

Thank you for reassuring me ladies. I hope we can raise our Children well, so they WANT to serve God.

Sorry I haven't replied, I've been out of town for a week and a half, and I only hopped onto the internet twice for about 10 minutes each time. Didn't have much time for replying.

So what's new with you ladies?

I'm finding a new Church. I'm kind of excited, but kind of not..
we are struggling with our church atm its just not moving forward and growing spritiually in the way we feel God is taking us so are a bit undecided as to what to do about it yet. We may well be moving house in Feb anyway quite some distance away which would necessitate a change of church anyway and in the meanwhile have found some great pastors who share their sermons free online that are giving us scripture to think about and talk through together
Oh really? Do you mind if I ask where online that is? I wouldn't mind listening to it. Hopefully we can find a great new Church. Ours right now is just not good for us. I'm pretty upset with one of the people in my Church right now. Plus we don't agree with some of the stuff they preach and really belive in. Its time to move.

watch out some of his stuff is very controversial but i havent come across anything that doesnt have a sound biblical basis
i hope you both find wonderful churches! the first one we went to was not for us. the pastor used a lot of guilt to try and make people do what he thought was best. if i am doing something for the Lord it needs to be because i love Him and want to and because it brings me joy to serve Him. we are at one now that is aweome. :flower:
Thank you Linnykins. I will make sure I watch out for the Controversial stuff!

Blessedmomma, What kind of Church do you attend now?
we have been happy at our church for so long its just sad that its not moving forwards and seems to have stagnated because people are comfortable with " how its always been done"
xpecta- we attend calvary chapel west. its a non-denomonational church. its a fab place, we really love it. are you looking for a specific denomination for your new church?
That would be hard when a Church isn't moving forward Lynnikins. I guess its just time for you guys to then.

We're looking for a Non Denominational Church. We were attending A United Pentecostal, which has GREAT Sermons, and the Holy Spirit is SO strong there Each and every Sunday, BUT, there are some guidelines to that denomination of Christianity, that we just don't agree with. Also now there is added drama there, so its time to move on.

But to be honest, I don't even know anything about the different Denominations of Christianity..
I grew up Baptist which is a bit more traditional and conservative than the Pentecostal side of the church . the Baptist church elect their leaders and some elders but almost every decision goes to vote with the whole membership which we feel in our church is meaning the pastor can't property lead and move the church forward as the majority of the members are ppl who have been there for decades and are resistant to change which is bad cause we have a great pastor who has great vision for the church. we will probably end up in an elim or non denominational church next as the ministry we are getting involved in the other couple are at a great elim church

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