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Any Gamer Girls?

I like games. Haven't had much time to play lately but got Skyrim for Christmas and been playing that a bit. So far it's amazing! Love simulation type games too like Sim City 4 which I got for Christmas too but it wont play on Windows 7 :cry:. Used to play WOW avidly started it the day it came out and played for 3 years but kind of got bored of it.

Started out though on Ultima Online played that forever with my OH. Kind of miss the game though it went downhill after they made the split to two factions. Like lots of other games too.
I'm a full blooded gamer :blush:

I've got pretty much all games that have got a decent score on the PS3 and Xbox (got both of course!) and I love sim games on PC. Did also play WoW for years and have been info Rift. Now I currently play SWTOR.

I love everything from shooters, story driven games, simulations, everything!! :dance:
I love my video games :) My favourites are Fable and Halo on Xbox 360, but we also have a PS3, Wii, 3DS, DSi, Gameboy, N64 and Megadrive :shy: I play a lot of FPS with my husband and our friends, usually COD. I love Sims on the PC too and I've tried WoW but never really got into it. I used to play Guild Wars years ago but haven't been on there in ages. At the moment I'm playing Pokemon Pearl on the DS and going through Halo CE anniversary with the OH :)
I currently playing swtor too :)

I love fable 3 i got right into it for a while, should have a go again :)

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