any one know how to find an escaped hampster


mummy to kai
Jul 1, 2008
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my little sisters hampster mindigus has escaped and they r distraught they r only 4 and 7 so does any one have any hampster finding tips
usually under the bed, or behind the wrdrobe!!! x lol
oh no lol everytime iv had a lost hampster they go behind washing machines or fridges, anywhere hidden, if ur reallllly quite u may hear nibbling or scurrying, put some food somewhere and watch patiently and silenty, or get a friendly trap, hope you find it xxx
Mouse trap? (only joking!)


rosie let hers out, follow the poo usually leads to the ermmmm cat lol:rofl:

put the caged on the floor, ours used to climb back in to sleep
put a pair of tights over the end of the hoover and get hoovering lol ...

sorry hun, was only joking. I wouldnt have a clue. Hope you find it soon!!
I don't have any hamster finding tips but I had a dream last night that my little brother's hamster escaped. Just thought I would share that with you!:rofl:
Behind the refrigerator? It's dark and warm. It's where snakes like to hide anyway :D
Hmmm when mine used to escape it always went to where it was warm usually my mums room in the corner where the pipes are.

Try under the radiators, under beds ect....
We used to leave a trail of hamster food out when they escaped. They've gotta get hungry sooner or later.
Get a shallow bin and make some steps up to it. Make a food trail up teh steps and a bit of food in the bin.
The hamster should follow the food and go into the bin (he wont get hurt falling).
We always did this with our escaped critters. Theres no way back out of the bin so its a harmless trap to find them again.
haha good tips still have not found him i tried leavin food out but the dog just ate it lol
I dont have any particular way, but thought id give you some hope...years ago my hamster disappeared, it was in the walls, I could hear it scurrying about! I was so upset, thought for sure it was there was a little bit where the floorboards came up, I put its ladders down them, and food at the bottom and the top...nothing...days went by, eventually I went to clean out my other hamsters, and there it was! Asleep in the clean bedding! So they do come back themselves sometimes :)
yeh thats what were hoping for lol we have seen or heard no traces for it but weve had hampsters before just disaper then turn up aggain later

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