Anyone else barely feeding their baby?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - First Trimester' started by arlosmama, Nov 15, 2011.

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    Jul 5, 2011
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    I am down close to 13-14 pounds and am lucky if I can get toast in me daily. Baby is clearly not getting a prenatal or folic acid due to HG. Yesterday I kept down a bagel and toast in a 17 hour span and the day before only toast. It has been like this for weeks. I can only keep down what I eat around 10 or 11 am. Either I don't eat at all because I am so sick, or I eat and then it comes right back up? Is anyone else dealing with this? This poor child is getting nothing. With my first I was this sick the whole time but was able to at least eat and keep it in for 20 minutes and he was a beautiful healthy baby. I am so scared that since I am getting maybe 1500 calories a week that this baby is not going to fare as well.
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    So Far I've been lucky enough to have only gotten sick twice the entire 5 Weeks. But that is EXACTLY how I was when I was Preggo with DD. I couldn't keep anything down. Eventhough I had tried everything and the Docs even told "hubby" to start force feeding me protein shakes bc I wasn't gaining enough. :wacko: :haha: Of course it didn't help that my MIL's house(where we were living at the time) reeked of smoke as did all the cars. But once hubby made the heated garage more apartment like (everything basically but running water:winkwink:) The last 3 months my SIL and I just about lived in the garage during the day-only going to the house to eat, shower, and use the bathroom.:thumbup: Which helped some with keeping food down.

    Is there anything that triggers your MS? I hope you get to feeling better.
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    Don't worry about not feeding baby at 10 weeks then don't take much and what ever they need they take from your body. You CAN NOT starve your baby.

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