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Anyone else drinking a lot of milk?


Mum to Harry and Emily
Jul 16, 2008
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The last few days I've been drinking about a pint of milk each afternoon / evening. It made my MS better in the evenings to begin with, but now I can't get enough of it! Anyone else the same?
I'm drinking more than before thats for sure.
I must admit, i dont usually drink milk on its own but after having a rather upset belly last night i had a glass and it did seem to ease it abit
i drink loads of the stuff, its better than drinking pop n sugary drinks i suppose and loads calcium for LO x
Very true, Paula. I made a conscious effort to drink plenty of milk when I was breastfeeding #1 but now it seems I'm needing it quite a bit sooner!
I'm drinking nesquik and cadbury's hot chocolate which I'm really enjoying (most of the time - ms makes my tastes very unpredictable) with the benefit of all the calcium for the bub. I was shocked to see that Pregnacare doesn't have any calcium in it at all, I still don't know why.
I haven't tried milk but I am drinking between 3-4 litres of water a day.....
I use it for the heart burn. To much gives you depression and spots though!
I'm def hooked on Milk, and it does seem to ease my sickness too! Mixing with some banana Nesquik atm...yum! Can't stomach many other drinks right now. Completely gone off coffee which is prob just as well as it's not entirely good for the LO...
I have been too. Didnt know that about the spots and depression but id say im having around 1 pint and a half a day. not all together... is that too much dragonfly?

I found by chance that it stopped me from feeling sick when i was at my friends house and she made my daughter a milk with magic straw and my daughter didnt drink it so i treid it. Been having a strawberry crusha milkshake every day plus a glass of plain milk before bed. Its gotta be better than too much tea eh....
I drank about 6 pints a day with my first!!! Had to be ICE cold!! I've not drank as much this time but I've definately had more than usual......and chocolate milk in particular!! :)

Well maybe it's a person to person thing because I love milk and drink it regularly anyways. Being pregnant I drink it more lol. Last time I drank 7 or 8 glasses a day at work alone :p
Yep,I've been drinking milk alot more since I found out I was pregnant.

Should really drink water too,but I don't really like it :?
Ive just had another glass now to settle me tummy and it seems to work. :)
i never drink milk but since getting preg since just this saturday ive almost drank 6pints lol
Milk can only be good for us anyway, right? It really does help make me feel better. I can't drink coffee any more or eat chocolate so milk suits me just fine :) :)

I was brought up on skimmed milk (vile now I know but when I was younger I didn't know any different) but now drink semi-skimmed.

Breakfast is good - I normally drink the milk from the bowl at the end anyway :rofl:
erm yes i have found myself drinking lots more milk tha usual but it aint easin my m/s :( booooooo lol x
I've been drinking LOADS of it! Not only is it the only thing that quenches my thirst but it helps my heartburn. I'm drinking semi-skimmed and have had no problems with it causing spots or depression.

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