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Anyone eses 1 year old a bit slow?


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Nov 8, 2006
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I feel that Noah is a little bit behind in his development of well basically everything. He learnt how to crawl and cruse at a good age but stopped there. He wont stand unsupported or walk. And he isnt developing more sounds or speah at all. Still only says dada, not mama or any other words or sounds really. He dosnt wave or clap or anything when you ask him too or try to encourage it, and he wont hold a cup or spoon. The only thing he can do is identify a couple of his toys, it you say it he goes and gets it for you. And he likes arranging his toys in a line or srting them and putting them in boxes etc.

Anyone elses chikd a bit slow? Should Ibe worried at the stage? I know plently of kids dont learn to walk till 18 months and stuff, but Im just a bit concerned he is behind in so many ways. When Imet up with some other mums recently 2 with boys his age they seemed a lot more advanced then him.
Hmmm not sure hun, Jack is just standing unaided, done maybe 4 steps then throws himself
jack can't seem to identify toys and only really says Daddy

I know they all develop differantly and it is really hard not to compare, there is aboy of 9 months at Jacks tots group who is walking!!!

If you are really concerned mention it to his HV

I know that lining up toys etc... can be a sign of something but don't really know the ins and outs of it

Does he really like routine and stuff?

Sorry hun don't want to worry you
id mention it 2 hv babe, i agree wi jo tht it cud b a sign of something but get it checked out b4 u worry urslef :D
I always joke that he had baby OCD!

He isnt fussed about routine when it comes to food and sleep etc. Its just when he plays with his toys, he likes to arrange them. Like sitting them in a row on the DVD player or repetedly emptying all the bricks out of the truck then putting them back in again.

He will stand on his own, but normally when he is not paying attention, and doesnt realise he has let go to hold a toy. And he will make leaps for things from one side of the sofa to another. #So moving around in the same sort of way as Jack.
I just know that routine and lining things up repeatadly could be a sign of autism

But if he is not fussed if his routine is messed up i would say he progresing the same as any little boy, they tend to be lazy from what i have been told

As for him not holding a cup/beaker maybe you'll just have to try diff ones 'til you find one he likes

Jack won't even attempt to feed himself with a spoon now yet wanted to all the time when first feeding

Boys are just lazy :D

But like i said if you are concerned mention it to HV when you go to clinic
Hmmm, thanks for the advice. I have just done a bit of research on the symptoms of autusm, and he does display some of them, like flapping hands when excited, and gets distressed at certain noises like the hoover and stuff and being a bit slow with development. But a lot of the main points, like not sharing his toys, or interacting with people, like not smiling or getting upset when you leave the room def dont apply. He is a very affectionate little boy, and has always smiled loads and loaved playing with people, and giving other people (even strangers) his toys.

So hopefully that isnt somnething to be concerned about, but Iwill prob keep a close eye on it in the future.

Thanks for the heads up.
I didn't want to worry you for no reason but it was the thing that jumped straight out at me

But as you say is is a happy sociable little boy, Jack flaps his hands like a mental thing when excited especially when OH come in from work, i think thats a normal baby thing to do

It is probably nothing to worry about and he is just gonna be a lovely tidy and a place for everything boy

Jack rarely even plays with his toys, he much prefers the Sky remote or my mobile and keys :?

Think of the money i could have saved!!!!!
ha ha ha, Noah is the same, his favorite toys are empty drinks bottles, keys and remotes, or anything chiney! he is like a magpie!
aaawww hun he will do it when he is good and ready bet he is thinking well i dont do it mum will that what daddy does ehehhehe :lol:
this thread has freacked me out now!

im not concerned about Diors devlopment as she is picking things up faster now but...

if i turn the hover on she will cry and hide in the corner of the room. things make her jump very easyDoor bell rings she will scream and have a huge tantrum. her worse fear is sella tape the nose it makes when i peal it. she hates men any kind of men she is soooo scared. she hates strangers and freaks out when some one she dont no comes close. even my brother who i see 3 times a week and my dad.. she dont like lining things up but is always sorting things? i have a bowl of green stones and a bowl of white. they must be the same else Dior goes potty

but Cat. as with the walking etc Dior showed no signs of wanting to walk untill she was 13months and it seemed to all happen in a week at only up to a few months back she said about 3 words only.
dont worry about signs like that Dionne, a lot of kids do those things, so they are not huge tell tale signs. My niece till she was about three was always very shy and hated all men appart from her dad.
Te main unusual things to look for, is a lack of eye contact, not smiling or wanting to play with people or share toys and a tendancy to have tantrums if any part of her routine is messed up.

Noah is also terrified of my mums dog barking, the hoover and sellotape. ake him scream like mad!
alexis is also terrified of the vaccum, which is weird because when she was newborn it would put her to sleep lol :roll: so now i have to hold her while i vaccum lol or else she cries. and if i put her down before i put the vaccum away she crawls away from it super fast lol. she isn't walking unsupported yet either, but she's been walking around the couch and coffee table and anything else she can get her hands on since 9 months....but the way i see it is even if they take awhile to walk alone, they will do it sooner or later, like have you ever met anyone who just never learner? i haven't :D:D babies are unique and i think its shit that people (nurses, doctors, ect) have "guidelines" of when they should do things, because then it just causes unneccesary worry :D. i think sorting things is a normal thing for babies to do to. i would look on it as a good sign and pray it carrys on into teenage years lol :D
Cat.. Alana is not much older then Noah and all the things you described Alana did too, it must be normal. She walks now, but it happened quick, one day she was crawling next she was walking.

She doesnt say many words, just dadda, mama, no, and whats that. and her fav thing to do is push a box around and put any thing little into it.

Lous noises dont seem to bother her, and she loves strangers but a few memebers of the family she dont like :lol:

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