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anyone got any tips on how to deal with


Sep 12, 2008
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all day m/s would love some advice please sick of wretching pardon the pun:rofl:
when ur up in the middle of the night for a wee eat a banana! like hav1 sittin in the bathroom ready 4 u! the potasim is gd 4 u n its easier 2 bring up lol! ,ay sound a clenchy but i feel like when i eat lots f fruit i feel a million times better! although iv never actually had morning sickness iv skipped it i think! but i hav bn feelin ill the fruit has deffo helped!!

Nothing helped me but they say that eating little and often and not to let ur belly go empty
haha i also need some advice on this im wasting away! x
I made myself sick when i felt sick but kept my fluids up, drank sugary drinks, had a few dry crackers before i got up and ate little and often x
Before you get out of bed have a couple of giner biscuits or crackers, and eat little and often. May be a bit boring but try and stick to bland, plain foods such as toast,pasta,bread. And when your drinking, sip slowly and not gulp it all down.
I found all of it helps, also...have you tried sickness bands? They work wonders!
Little and often is the key. You proberly wont feel like eating, but force yourself. Dry toast, biscuits such as gingers or rich tea and dry crackers do wonders. Also keep some biccies by your bed and nibble on one or two before you get out of bed in the morning.

Keep drinking, its important you keep well hydrated.

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