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Anyone up for a meet?


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Nov 5, 2006
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I have been speaking to mummy_of_two and we thought it would be nice to have a meet in Alton towers in May,

Would anyone be up for that?

Up to individuals if they wish to bring their little ones, i myself are coming for a bit of "me" time. :blush:

Waht do others think?
Im definately up for it count me in and the o/h will be coming also as he os off in may :happydance:
Aww i would love to but seeing as im getting married in may am sooo skint its untrue so will have to pass .. :cry: ... good idea though :D

Would love to but its too soon for such a distance away for me to save up money :(
Im gonna be wayyyyyyyy to pregnant!

Im going after kids gone back to school in september and i had Ellie J!

Would have loved to though!
id love to meet up with everyone, but i think thats a bit to far from me :(

I would have if I wasn't moving :rofl: Its like 20/30 minutes from me now!
i wud but im goin in sept :D so 2 pricey 4 lil ole me!
wobbs its not too far from wrexham is it ? I didnt think it was that far from warrington. Id be up for that, if I took Ella I wouldnt be able to go on anything, cant decide! coz Im a bit of a whimp too hehe
i'm skint and getting married soon so sorry other wise i would of loved to
Hehehe looks like it might be just me and you atm yvonne :rofl:

lol i know candy!!

I am getting married in september and should be paying for stuff by then but i need some fun to so, i thought - Stuff it!!

I'm only going on the tame rides :blush:
Too soon for me defo after moving an expenses ... be skint end of this month an through next month catching up I guess.

An Alton Towers summer meet sounds good though - Maybe I should sticky one in advance so everyone knows well in advance & organise an exact date nearer the time? When do the kids get off for school?
Not really going to be possible for me either unfortunatly with bub due that month lol!
We said may as it won't be too busy, in summer all the school trips start then and summer holidays etc.

We'll Leave it then , if people prefer to go in the summer then thats fine, organise one for then.
Sorry im going to be a bummer now count me out if its the summer as the oh cant get no time off then as its a busy time at work for him sorry :sad1:
Thats why I asked when the kids go toff - Go just before :lol: I'm not that silly :lol:

Others might be able to make May still I wouldn't cancel :D
I might be able to make May........

I could take a day off work for a bit of 'me' time. DH is scared of heights, so I don't get to go anywhere like this now!! :rofl:
He is going to book 2 weeks off around the 11th for his birthday and he's going away for 3 days fishing aswell so he thought about going up there then.

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