Anyone want to...................................

Bugger, I was about too but not in this part, so missed it :cry:
You can join me know if you see this in time. BTW, what the heck are you doing up!
I never saw this post, BUT STILL bumped into eyes were like piss holes in the snow this morning :rofl: I have not seen the sun rise for ages! 5 bloody 45.......I ask ya! :lol:
Awe....Its starting to be like the good ole days only this time you can have a drink with me:rofl: Got to get you use to the California time again:rofl:
:rofl: Keep 'em coming!!
Id be careful, she'll have you up at all sorts of hours! Shes such a bad influence! :lol:
:rofl: Come! Join the Dark Side!:rofl:

Like my new Avatar! That is there to Torment Wobbles!:muaha:Ill gladly remove it once she gives me a hint for Blox Delux level 5:muaha:
Ill add you when I get home Hun! ;)
you never mentioned the free cookies when you join the dark side
Oops Sorry about that Rob... I ate them all ;)

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