August/ September due dates 2024

Hi sorry been away for a while couldn't log on here for a bit and been so busy with life. We are now at 28w+5 had my growth scan the other day and little man is breech Frank (legs extended) thos has worried me slightly of what if he doesn't come out of this position in time then resulting in hip dysplasia. Then we have my every time pregnancy fear and dread coming to 29w-30w of going into pre term labour as I did with my first my son and even though I went to full term with both my daughters after this I still worry especially with this little one being a boy us woman don't get a break from worry and or fear when it comes to our children or unborn babas every day I can get past 30w is a blessing. Sorry for the unload there hubby understands but as women we hold ourselves so responsible for what we can't control and that he wouldn't be able to understand. We'll I hope your all well and I will update as soon as I can. Take care ladies your all wonderful people remember to take some time for self care and nurturing x

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