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Arghhh So pissed off


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Nov 8, 2006
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Just got an email from the company I have ordered my Jane Powertwin buggy with, to say that the manufacturer have delayed the release of the 2007 model by 8 weeks!! So its now not due to come out till the end of June. Their is no way I can wait that long with no double buggy. So Im now trying to track down the current model in the Azulon blue, but they have discontinued the existing model in preperation for the new one so I cant find one on line. Am so angry Idont know what to do. The only place I have found selling it is sellingat at £100 more money than everywhere else!!!! :cry:
Oh no that is gutting, hope it all works out for you
Uh oh :(

No way you could get a to do inbetween now & then?
is this any good, not sure of price sorry hun
why dont you get a cheap 2nd hand one for the time being?
i never bought my double buggy untill Harley was 6weeks old. and even then i hardly ever used it.
and Dior was alot younger then Noah but she liked to hold my hand if it was just going to the shop.
shopping there are trollies
the only time i needed one was for long walks round town.
Im getting mine from agros lol ....

It will do me, sorry your not having much luck hun!
Thing is most of my walking is long walks, its 25 mins walk into the city alone, plus going to parks and shops baby groups every day etc so a double will get a lot of use!

Problem is solved though I have found a company in Italy who I have emailed and they have the old model in stock and better still they have it in a different colour that I havent seen before, (orange/gray and black) which only came out in Europe, so I have ordered this for delivery win 7-10 days, and its also £35 cheaper than the one I was getting!
That's gutting Cat :( I know when we ordered ours we couldn't get the blue as it was completely out of stock so had to settle for the red, plus it was the last shipment they were getting. It will be worth it when you get yours though - I have the older version and I love it :)
Ahhh just seen your new post - yay!
This is the one Im getting now
fantastic News looks nice!!

(now talking to Gav nicely as i have seen one i like lmfao!)

cheers for the link cat!

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