Arrrrgh... It's a nightmare!

Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by iHeartbaby#1, Jan 30, 2011.

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    Jul 20, 2010
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    I have a 4 week old and breastfeeding has been a very bumpy ride for me.
    Sorry if this gets a bit long. I don't really expect anyone to read it, just had to get it off my chest.

    It started out in the hospital when LO would fall asleep the moment he touched the breast..i had to keep changing him and stripping him down to wake him so that we could be sure the milk supply would come in. (He still falls asleep today around 5-10 mins after feeding!) My milk supply actually came in when i was still in the hospital and we noticed that LO would start sputtering and crying and releasing from the right nipple (which he also still does) Turns out my right nipple squirts more than the left and when i started pumping i noticed i would have 5-6 different milk streams coming out as opposed to the left nipples 1-2 streams!

    Then 3-4 days later my nipples started getting really chapped and sore. They got these red blisters that would bleed and the pain was unbearable!! Everytime LO latched on i would either cry out or have to bite down on something to keep myself from screaming. Then the entire time i nursed I would have tears streaming down my face it hurt so badly. :cry: When LO was a week old i called the hospital asking for advice. They said it would probably be alright to pump and bottle feed to give my nipples a chance to heal. They also told me to use Lanolin and Hydro gel cooling pads. On the bottle he didn't fall asleep like breast and would drink 3-4 oz straight going longer periods between feeds. I was enjoying the break on my nipples so i didn't think anything of it :( My mistake!

    So after a couple days when my nipples were healed i went back to breastfeeding. I made it until evening when my milk supply ran out!:dohh: I called the hospital again and after hearing the situation they agreed LO wasn't getting any milk and told me i would have to supplement with formula. I've tried pumping and nursing more to get my milk supply back up but it doesn't seem to be helping. I have to use 1-2 bottles of formula a day - the rest is still breastfeeding.

    So all this on top of leaky boobies, and having to shower with a bikini top on (or it hurts!)...well, lets just say i'm really stressed out and thinking about giving up completely! I really wanted to make it through this for the sake of my LO...but it's only been 4 weeks and i just don't know if i can do it anymore *sigh*. I know i'm gonna feel like a failure if i quit.

    Wow sorry again this was so long. I guess i just wanna know if anyone's gone through multiple problems like this and still persevered. When does it get easier!?? :cry:
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    I haven't had severly sore nipples like you, but I didn't want to read and run. Sounds like finding some support to help you with your latch will solve a lot of problems. Your nipples will improve and baby will get more milk, more efficiently. Have you tried a lactation consultant? I've also found to be really helpful.

    I had to supplement with formula for the first 2 weeks as my LO couldn't control his own blood sugar and needed ALOT of milk to keep his sugars up. I slowly weaned him off of the supplement by pumping after each feed and usinng the milk at the next feed. The pumping really helped my supply.

    I find my milk supply is always less in the evenings, so during a growth spurt I pump after a couple morning feeds and use it as a top up bottle in the evening.

    The truth is, it does get better for most people. I think sleep plays a major role, I know I always wanted to give up when I was most sleep deprived.
    If it doesn't work out and you have to switch, be proud that you gave it your best try. You gave your baby a great start.
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    its common it seems to have very sore bleeding nipples at the beginning, it will get better! Have you had your latch checked? I cried while breast feeding Charlie for the first few weeks and then at week 6 it really started to get better. In order to get your milk supply up you need to put baby to the breast more, rest as much as you can, drink TONS of water, oatmeal helps a lot, if you can, pump a lot more, after he feeds, pump, even if you arent getting anything it will stimulate your body to make more milk. I was told to increase supply pump at least 4 times a day after baby feeds.
    Unfortunately the more you top up with formula the more your milk supply is going to go down, the pump is not as efficient at getting milk out as baby is. I pumped for a bit in the beginning to let my nipples heal up a bit but I actually found there was a point when the pump was doing more damage than the baby was so I stopped pumping, put baby to the breast often, used lots of Lansinoh cream, rubbed milk on my nipples after each feed and it got so much better, I think by week 7 or 8 we had pain free enjoyable feedings. It may seem like a life time away but its so worth it in the end
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    it does get better :) and this coming from me someone that ff my last 3 babies but decided that this time i would stick it out and some how i just have!! its all worth it in the end and i have days where i think enough's enough and iv'e not had as hard a time of it as you so well done for even getting this far :) there is a thread on here about upping your milk supply and there's lots of stuff on the market to take? do a google search or that kelly com thing and one of the girls said you should find everything you need on there . :) xx
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    it gets better! Molly used to latch on and literally gnaw on my nipple like a crazy baby. My nipples actually cracked and bled, it was horrible, and I too had to grit my teeth and cry through each feeding, I dreaded it. I was so depressed! Now its soooo much better! I love it! Hang in there!

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