AWFUL pains in ribs?


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Jan 12, 2007
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I noticed the pain just recently, but only since baby has been in that region-
the pain is horrible and feels to me like a perminant stich, only worse.
Is this a normal thing?

If I feel around that area, or maybe just a little below, I can feel his foot- can anyone confirm whether it's the position of the baby or if they have also suffered from this too?
hun i have ben having this kinda rib pain for weeks upson weeks and it hurts dont it..... alot of it it down to babys position and for some reason they like to stick there feet up there lol.........
i found that being lay on my side and not wearing a bra can help ease it a bit but if its to much hun u can take paracetomol or even just mention it to ur mw at ur next visit
hope that helps hun x
Hiya Louise

Its proberbly the position your little monkey is in.

With Ky, in my last Trimester Ky wedged a foot under my rib and for about 3 days. I tried to wedge it out becaise it was soooo uncomfortable - He finally moved his foot and my ribs ached for days after.
After he was born you could see he's actually pushed my rib out compared the the other. Its now got like a hard lump on it, which the doctor thinks he's fractured my rib and it healed leaving the lump. It still looks a bit strange, but because you can't see my ribs anymore I don't notice it lol!
Is it on the inside, then it is probably little toes digging in lol, or if it is more muscular you could have pulled something, when I was due I pulled a muscle in my ribs becuase I was doing too much, stood on a window sill stretching trying to put xmas lights up, and my god it was painful, I was in tears with pain so went into hospital to be checked. But sounds to me like its the postitino little one is in.
I had this at the pushing stage of labour coz I was upright and man did it hurt! You may have a long babe too,no seriousley must just be his foot there painful I bet.

my little one gets under my ribs constantly. and its annoying, doing it right now actually, i think cos hes getting bigger theres not many more places he can go but unfortunatly it hurts you while he does it
i get up and move around so he moves from under my ribs. and rub my belly it stops it for a while.

dunno if you can try this too?
seriously, get on your hands and knees and curve your back up like a cat stretching. It will disengage him from your ribs :0)
seriously, get on your hands and knees and curve your back up like a cat stretching. It will disengage him from your ribs :0)

really.. or do you just want to me me look funny and then get stuck on the floor:rofl:

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