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Babys head measuring 3 weeks ahead


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Aug 3, 2015
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Today I went for my 4d bonding scan. The scan was amazing and baby’s looking well but I’ve come away feeling a little worried. She measured his head and said “oh, his head is measuring a bit big”. I’m 29+2 weeks today and his head is measuring at 31+6 weeks. She said I need to mention to my midwife so they can keep an eye on it. Obviously I’ve come home and googled is it ok for baby’s head to be measuring 3 weeks ahead and peoples experiences with that have been gd, which I haven’t been tested for, a large baby, or conditions that cause fluid on the brain or could indicate something wrong with baby. Everything else looks perfect with him and there were no concerns at my anatomy scan but I’m now freaking out. Dh is just telling me off for googling and is so laid back he says stop worrying about it. But he’s not the one that has to give birth. I really want a natural birth. I’ve never had an operation before so the thought of a c-sections absolutely terrifies me. Has anyone else experienced baby’s head measuring weeks bigger and was all ok with them? I have quite bad anxiety so this is now really worrying me and I won’t be seeing my midwife for another 2 weeks and when I’ve had concerns in the past I always felt like I was brushed off and always get told not to worry so I’m scared she won’t follow up and check on this. On the notes I got back from this scan today she has my edd from my dating scan down which is 7th January and then the edd from todays measurements have me down for 20th December. I tracked ovulation so I’m quite certain on my dates and was only pushed back 2 days at my dating scan. Although this scan was an amazing experience as I’ve never had a 4d one before I’ve come away feeling freaked out that something could be wrong with him or that I’m going to be having a very big baby. Just hoping to hear from anyone who’s had a similar experience and for some honest opinions on this.
What size were your other babies heads? Mine are sometimes big because my husband has a dome like a bloody big turnip. My son was actually diagnosed with macrochepally until I insisted his dad rips Christmas cracker hats in two. Mine usually measure 2 weeks ahead. This baby is IUGR so hasn't been the same but she might have my normal head. Could yours be familial too?

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