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Back To Work Tomorrow


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Aug 31, 2006
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And a BIG *sigh* from me - Although don't know if I should really moan when I have the pleasure of working from home but I have got lazy from it :?

Whos looking forward to Monday then :twisted:
I am back to the school run tomorrow as I am driving again. I am dreading it with two kids!
i have got the next 3days off heheh as i have mot on tues xx
I hate Mondays https://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a28/RachieH/Graphics/screams.gif I'm not looking forward to work tomorrow either Charl.
:cry: I dont want to go cause I had to work this weekend. Dont know what I was thinking when I got excited about having Friday Off. Thought 3 Day Weekend...YEAH....But forgot I had to work Sat and Today....Im so tired.....
I dont work Mondays :D
yay! I managed the school run. up at 7.50, dressed, make up and two kids dressed in the car by 8.30 including a breastfeed! I am very proud of myself! :dance: \:D/ :happydance:
i still dunno wen im back 2 work!!! :x useless tescos :evil:
Well my maternety leave is ment to start this friday, even though I have stoped working already so I wont be going back to work till about Nov time! :D

Although the job centre people are rubbish. they sent me a letter to say that they have recieved my claim but its currently taking them 6 weeks to process MA claims, which is appaling, its onlt caue Igot that big payout from the child tax credit that Im managing, but I can imagine that causing a lot of problems for women who had been working full time, and have bills to pay, having to wait 6 weeks before getting their benefit sorted!
I look forward to Mondays, only cause i am at college Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday, I dread the weekends though, cause thats when i work :( so no social life for me :(
Long monday for me too.....But decided to take this Friday off.........Part of make up time for working last weekend.....So now I can just hang in there 3 more days and have a real 3 day weekend....... :lol:

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