Bad Girls!


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Aug 31, 2006
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Does anyone watch it before I waffle on about something nobody watches? :lol:
I do I do I do!!!!


I have to catch it on the repeat, but waffle on incase I miss it again :lol: I had it on, just didn't follow it properly as my OH had just come home! xx
Oh I'll shurrup on tonights then lol
LOL was is crap?
I saw Tina banging her head, me and Jade were holding ours going """OOOOHHHHHHHHH""" (she was waiting for Daddy)!!! :lol:
That geezers wife who had a heart attack went to see her :twisted:
Oh yeah!!! She wanted him dead didn't she?!

Was he a nasty man, and did she have something to do with his death ?
He was nasty, was physically abusive to her an his quack said he was dying an needed to diet etc but she said if she sat a healthy meal infront of him he'd of hit her so she gave him what he wanted .. burgers, chips, general junk food an watched him slowly die!

Told Tina she was just sorry someone else was involved in his death an Tina said it was ok (hyper) she was where she should be now!
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Poor Tina, atleast she went back home (Larkhall) for it :D !!!

Nasty Man, got what he deserved then didn't he!!!

Happy woman, got what she deserved in the end too!!
Hi all thought I wouls add my little bit about bad girls. I watched last night as I do everytime It's on, Love it. Shame that apparently this is going to be the last seris. Tina is a great plays a brilliant part. Made me how long it has taken them to dispose of the body lol
My OH always tried to distract me from it being on by turning it over to Simpsons or some lark so I miss the start of it :evil:
NO WAY is it really meant to be the last series?!?!?!?

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