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been bleeding!

miss maternal

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Nov 28, 2006
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Im feeling very anxious as when i went to the toilet today and wiped, i found blood in my discharge. is this common as im only 6 weeks and shit scared that im miscarrying again. I had this happen two years ago yesterday before. Was due to go into work today but im phoning in sick so I can get some bed rest.
Hun please don't think the worst, I had a bleed at 7 weeks, 10 weeks and just as recent as last week.

They told me if it is anymore than a tablespoon to go to EPU but if not, try not to stress. It is hard not to worry. If it gets worse I'd get checked out. :hugs:
thanks Kx . I feel dizzy and have a stress headache. my partner is out on an event and I dont want to ruin his day. Was supposed to be working today but i have decided to not go in as my job involves standing up. my mum is coming round to see me so i wont be by myself.x glad you were ok with your bleeding and I just need to stay positive. :hugs:
Hun ...

relax and take it easy .. if you feel worried or have more than a teaspoon then go to get checked out!

Thinking of you miss maternal :hugs:
Thinking of you miss maternal :hugs:
Thanks Wobbles, Has stopped now thank god. I spoke to my cousin who is a midwife and she said it could be implantation bleed and i will be fine working as if its going to happen it will weather i rest or work. Wull keep you posted x
I'd have taken the day off too tbh just don't wanna be standing in work do you when your heads battered.

You know the bleeding can be perfectly normal but it doesn't stop that initial panic does it - Feet up & wind down for the day :hugs: In my thoughts & so glad its stopped x
How are things after the weekend?

I went to work today but started bleeding with pains but like watered down blood and brown discharge so i told work i was going home with a tummy upset and went straight to A & E. They did a blood test and a urine sample which still shows im pregnant and tryed to fit me in for an earlier scan but they were couldnt. Was told not to worry and take it easy.:dohh: but easier said than done. x
have they arranged for you to go back for a scan tho? I would really push for one.

How is the bleeding now?

They couldn't fit you in for a scan WTF it gets worse.

Urge it - push it ... omg hunny I have everything crossed for you right now.

have they arranged for you to go back for a scan tho? I would really push for one.

How is the bleeding now?

Its stopped now layla but just comes and goes. I had already booked a scan for 10th April so not long to wait. x
glad you havent got long to wait, bloody docs should have had you in before now tho, they are useless!!

really hope things are ok for you, rest up and take things easy babe

That's just as good as my hospital.. Ridiculous. Keep ur chin up hun xxx
They did this to me when I had my bleed, left me for 48 hours not knowing and then there was no communication between A and E and ultrasound and we had to tell the sonographer about the problem!

I wish I had pushed as ultrasound said they would always try to fit you in!
Awww hun i hope you get sorted ASAP ...

Seriously i'd be on the phone and get it re-arranged, explain the situation, have everything crossed for you hun, take it easy

Im fine thanks Wobbles. have had no more spotting or pains apart form this stretchy feeling where my uterus is. im a little disapointed about not being seen earlier for my scan but my OH is working anyway and I only have to wait another week. :D
Fingers crossed all stays good and well for you!


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