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BFP? ok now im freaked out!


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Sep 23, 2008
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Hi ladies, im a bit confused, need advice or experience in this matter.
on the 21st sept i had a little spotting a little early for me as this was only 11 dpo tested but neg, thought here comes af, 22nd nothing, 23rd af, came by the 25th af had stopped, just spotting for two days. yesterday(30th) some more spotting, just bought a few more preggie test so thought what the hell i should just test, as spotting is unusual, (you know the feeling everything is a symptom!) guess what a faint positive!!! this morning i did two more test and still the faint positive....i really thought i was out last month! i have no symptoms what so ever except a mild feeling as if af coming.

My main concern is seeing how late i am in the cycle cd34 (im usually a 28 day) would the pregnancy test still be faint? and the bleeding? could this be a chemical?

to be perfectly honest there's no way of knowing barring testing again in a couple of days. It should get darker as the hcg builds up in your system. Its not unheard of taking a while for it to show up in your system. As far as the chemical..well, lets hope not. I'd go with the bfp for now and stay positive, hun! You never know!!! :)

Test again in a couple of days. Good luck, sweetie!! :)
Thanks Omi, well i cant take the wait so book a dr appointment. And here i am with new opks still trying to figure them out now this, lol.
Good luck at the doctors hun x let us know how you get on :hugs:
Best of luck!! Really hope you get that BFP!!! Sending sticky vibes your way! Keep us posted!:hugs:
Only thing I would say is that maybe you ovulated later than u thought. and therefore when u tested u were in early DPO stage. I would test in a few days and see if the test is still positive. Or go in for blood work
I would test again in a few days - good luck :winkwink:
keepin fingers x 4u and hope ur doc can give u a better answer....depending on which hpt u used some dont ever give proper dark lines!!

very best of luck :)
Well, went to the doc, she said thats a BFP if she ever saw one!!!!
Get to phone for my blood test results in two more hours!!!
will keep you posted!
YAY that's fantastic Go you!
Happy and Healthy 9 months to you x x x x
well done,CONGRATS TO U XXXXXXXXXXXXXX keep us all updated
Well done big congratulations to you.xxx
have the blood test results come back yet???? Congratulations to you :happydance:
got the test results back! only today... the darn results were not in yest. Everything is good the doc says, my beta levels are 109 i may have ov later because of the spotting and the numbers being a later :) ive got to go in on Monday to see how much they have climb up, i better start getting used to being a poke with needles. hehe. but now i feel really pregnant knowing they blood test came up fine. Yay

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