Bizarre Symptoms-PCO as well

Discussion in 'Two Week Wait' started by RavenRose, Jan 27, 2011.

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    Ok well I have poly-cystic ovaries (not the syndrome as my hormones are apparently normal and I'm not over weight-apparently this is fairly rare). I am not on BC as my doctor said there wasn't much point. I do OPKs to get an idea of if/when I ovulate anyway. Now I have never ever had a complete positive OPK and I have been testing for several cycles now. I usually get a faint line. However for the first time I got a line that was the darkest it has ever been for me yet it wasn't as dark as the control line. The next day I got a very faint line again and since then, the same. We DTD around then as well. Does anyone know if this could have been positive?! I'm fairly small (I mean I have met 12 year olds bigger than me) so could this be because the concentration is too weak to be translated into a strong line, even though it is a surge?!

    This was a few weeks ago. However I have noticed I am very thirsty-I rarely used to drink, maybe two to three glasses a day, now I constantly have a drink on the go and it feels like I can't get enough water. I have also been very tired too and lack a lot of energy. Does anyone know if increased thirst is a symptom?

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