Blue lips in a 15 month old. Any experience.?

Discussion in 'Your Health & Wellbeing' started by 3rdtimelucky, Apr 1, 2011.

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    Hi. Im hoping someone can relate to this!

    My son is 15 months old, and over the last 5 days his lips and inside of his cheeks have been turning blue. It last for about 2 mins then goes away and returns sometimes later in the day! When it happens he is just sitting around playing with his toys or watching tv. He is in good health and is not sick at the moment.

    I have been to the doctors with him this afternoon, and she is not too worried as he is in good health. She said had he have been sick with temp, she would have called an ambulance and sent him to hospital as its a sign of severe resperatory or cardiac problem! She checked his heart and blood flow and all are clear! She also said if he is to get sick in the future and his lips turn blue to get him straight to hospital. She told me not to worry and just monitor him.. But obviously im worried sick.

    I myself has asthma, as do my 2 sisters and my husbands brother also has asthma, If it turns out to be asthma, I can deal with that, as I have loads of experiience with it!

    Im just really wondering does anyone have any experience of this happening with their LO's and what was the outcome!

    Thanks so much ..
    Niamh :flower:
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    sorry no experience with first thought was maybe asthma (related to an allergy attack)...when he is playing is their one toy that seems to set it off...maybe there is something that he is allergic to that is going in the mouth causing a asthma/allergy reaction.

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