Body shape changes!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - First Trimester' started by mum2liam, Jun 14, 2013.

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    Since day one finding out i was pregnant, one of the things that made me think i may be, was popping out of my size 8s, from then on i couldnt even fit into my size 10s! So had to start wearing my maternity wear from about 7 weeks, which is crazy for me!!

    I have 3 boys, and never had this problem with them, fit into my clothes pretty much up until 12-13 weeks.
    But with this pregnancy my hips have widened so much, had horrible nausea thats only just tailing off now, my boobs have only just started to change, extreme tiredness, sciatica early this time and the list goes on lol, now im not complaining at all but my whole pregnancies with my previous 3 were a total breeze from the start, and was just a compact little belly lol
    So got a feeling im going to be quite big this time, cant get over the differences.

    Did any of you ladies carry different with boys and girls?
    I know every pregnancy is different and my body is proberbly a it looser, lol from my pregnancies lol
    Just a thought xx:happydance:
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    Im 6 weeks and was sitting with my trousers undone at work yesterday. I have got maternity clothes just dont want to feell silly wearing them this early xx

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