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Body wraps - Do they work? Hmmmm!


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Aug 31, 2006
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Do you think they work :?

mmmmm no idea but i dont fancy being wrapped up have u seen that advert where the 2 girls cook an omlett then walk around the kithen a clingflim wrap :shock: :lol: :rofl:
Hmmm.... don't think it'll be a permanent change even if the advert says so. More a quick fix if you need to squeeze into a little black dress for a night out.
Be a great start though wouldn't it :rofl:
did you watch the video even though it shows that they lost weight not alot a couple of inches but they don't show you the mesasuring tape what so ever.

If you watch the video of it showing the demostration watch the short methord it the last one on their i felt like screaming out get a bra that fits you women when she lean't over she looked like she was going to fall out, its like whats the point of wearing one they are that low.

sorry rant over
I used to be a beauty therapist and have had wraps myself! This is not a permanent at all. It's great if you are going out for a special evening and have a nice dress to put on. (but nowadays with slimming underwear you may aswell buy yourself some of these instead) By the next morning all your inches will be back on. The only nice thing I could recommend about wraps really is your skin will feel really lovely afterwards.
Some wraps are good, some are crap, a lot just take water, so as soon as you have a glass or two of water you just but it back. Some can be good for detoxing the skin. Iwent and had professional universal contour wraps before, and they measure you before and after, and guarantee several inches of weight loss and if you gain it back within a week you get your money refunded, they were very affective, and great foor lymph drainage (like colonic for the skin!)

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