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Aug 31, 2006
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Hi girls

Can any of you recomend a good breast pump please, if i cant get on with feeding myself again then i want to express instead.

Are Medela the best ones? or are tehre better ones?

Dosnt matter how much it costs, i just want a good one, any help would be great.


Hey Layla, sorry I cant be of any help, but I would like to know something in regards to breast pumps.
Im not going to be BF-ing and I have been leaking colestrum since 16 weeks-
Will it dissapear on its own or do I have to express it out?
Layla - I thouht that Medela pump you sold me was ace. I believe they now do a quieter version of that. Most midwives recommend the Medela pumps.

Louise - Don't express because the milk production will increase. After you have had the baby you will have to wait for your supply to dry up. Your breasts will probably become engorged and sore for a few days but you will have to go through the discomfort until your body recognises the supply is not needed.
thanks Lynnie, i thought that one i had was ok, i didnt use it that much tho, i know there are newer ones out now tho so i wasnt sure which one to get, they all do diffrent things so its hard to know which one will be right for me

Hi Layla

I would wait until you've had the baby and see if you are able to bf. If you can't and want to exclusively express I would recommend a dual pump as it will save a lot of time and will be better at keeping your supply up. My friend used one (can't remember the name but will find out and reply again) and solely pumped every single feed from the day her daughter was born until she was 6mths old.
Thanks Lucy :)

This might be a really silly question but i have to ask lol

If i was to express, would i still get the same possible problems, sore and cracked nipples, mastisits etc?

Hi Layla

I spoke to my friend and she said it was an Egg pump but I've searched on google and cannot find anything called egg so reckon I took it down wrong. She rented it from the hospital to start with but then her DH bought one as she was very determined to exclusively express and it worked out cheaper.

I'm no expert but what I do know is mastitis , cracked nipples, soreness is caused from incorrect positioning/latching (soreness and cracked nips) and the mastitis is often caused by inefficient milk extraction causing a blocked duct.

Not sure if I've helped but as you know there's lots of support on the forum for bfing if you need it
I've got the medela swing and can really recommend it. At first it pumps short and fast to stimulate your let down, then you press a button once you've let down and it pumps for longer pumps (if that makes any sense at all!). I can express both boobs in around 10 mins max at night :)
like the sound of that Kina, was it expensive, i've got anavent and it takes ages. Go back to work sonn and it would be great not to have to spend most of my lunch break expressing.

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