breastfeeding from one side only?

Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by twinmummy06, Jun 5, 2011.

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    does anyone have any advice about this topic or has personally succeeded in doing so?

    my reason for asking is i am VERY much considering doing this. my left nipple is inverted - not completely because it can be coaxed out, but when it is out its fairly small, misshapen and feels as if its pulled tight inside (if that makes any sense!). this was part of the reason i ended up exclusively expressing with my twins, because the pain from the pump i could deal with.

    now with this bub i tried breastfeeding from that side while at the hospital (hoping last time it may have been a latch issue) but nope, my nipple was cracked, bleeding and painful after a few days and her latch is fine. since then i've used a nipple shield and weaned that side down to two feeds a day, once in the morning and once at night. im still cracked on that side, no bleeding and use lansinoh religiously :nope:

    now im stuck in a rut. should i wean down to one feed/pump a day just to keep that breast producing (even if its not alot) or just stop altogether and feed from my right side and be pain-free?
    if i stick with one feed, when would be a good time do it?
    my boobs are mahoosive anyway, so im not worried about the lopsided factor too much if i stop the left side, and i understand its all about supply and demand, but it can work right? i probably sound like a right tool but i dont want to stuff up :dohh:
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    I nd never thought about this but I can't see why it wouldn't work, I guess if you stop using that side it will stop producing and the other side will compensate.
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    Hello, I am only feeding my LO from the left side. Since birth he did not want to feed on the right I think because the nipple was a different shape and also possibly because he had mild torticollis (a stiff muscle on one side of his neck which made it hard for him to turn his head). I did pump the right breast for 3 months but started to only get half an ounce a time and decided it was too much hassle so stopped. I too was really worried that I would not produce enough milk for him but thought that if twin mummies could do it I should be ok.

    I am still a bit worried because LO is on the low side in terms of weight gain and does feed quite frequently. I think this is however down to a cows milk protein allergy as he is gaining better now I have cut dairy out of the diet.

    Good luck with which ever you decide.

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