Brown Spotting at Nearly 11 weeks


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Apr 3, 2008
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I cant quite believe i'm typing this but last night when i went to the loo i noticed what looked like a lot of CM with streaks in it mostly brown i think with bits of pink in it, ever since then everytime i go I am spotting brown stuff, its not heavy enough to wear a towel but its still very worrying non the less! I have my dating scan tomorrow the wait until then is going to kill me! I have had 2 miscarriages earlier on this year both at 6 weeks but whats even more worrying is that this time it would be an actual baby as i am nearly 11 weeks, i had a scan at 8 weeks and everything was fine, anyone else had this? I did a google search (I know, I know, but you know you have too) and its trying to tell me its quite common but ive never had it and dont know anyone else who has either, i'm keeping everything crossed xx
Hiya hun, try and not worry too much. Brown blood is old blood. I've had brown blood from 5 weeks up until 9 weeks then it started with red blood (spotting) and its still the same and all is well with my LO - i am now 13 weeks. I also had 2 m/cs, one in Nov and one in Jan so i know its easy for anyone to say dont worry!! As long as you havent had any pains. Good luck at the scan tomorrow :hugs:
this shud make u feel better hun...i never got offered a dating scan, even tho i was 8wk when i found out i was pg...and when speaking2a midwife she just said i can see u in 3.5wk then we'll just go4ur 12wk scan...but i was bleeding at 11.5 ,so i rushed up2the early pg unit,and unfortually i was mc ...BUT the baby was only 6wk size and the sac was 11.5wk, so seens uv ad a 8wk scan already n everything was fine, i wud of thought its just ur hormones,cos at 12wk ur body takes over,so i really wudnt worry hun (well i know u will) but when i was 11.5wk i wasnt really,the baby ad stopped growin @ 6wk u see, is there no chance u cud of gone up2day...give them a rind and explain u concerns,keep us posted x sure u be fine:)
Im sure everything is fine hun, its probably just a slight cervical erosion (totally harmless)
good luck for tomorrow xx
I'm sure everything will be fine hon. As the girls have said, brown blood is old blood so shouldn't be a problem. I had brown spotting at 8 weeks and there's no problems at all, the doc said not to worry unless it was fresh blood AND you're cramping. Let us know how it goes though xxx
I hope ur scan goes well. Brown blood i hear is old blood
Thanks for all the good advice ladies, the spotting carried on for 24 hours and then stopped, all was well at my scan today :happydance: I had prepared myself for the worst so we are on :cloud9: as you would imagine, i'l update with some piccys when i get round to it! amazing how much it has grown in just 3 weeks xx
That's great news, so glad the scan went well :happydance:

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