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3rd Trimester
Jul 28, 2008
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For those of you who found out what you're having, does your bump shape/size 'match'. I know its all old wives tales, but I was told if you're all in the front and quite low its a boy, but if you start from the back and quite high its a girl. I'm Team Yellow by default as my little angel would not uncross his/her legs on the day of the scan :dohh: but I'm confused as I'm all in the front, yet I start quite high. Nobody has any idea what I'm having, nobody can even make an educated guess!! Secretive baby lol. I'd love to find out but I can't afford to pay for it, so I guess I'm just gonna have to wait.
I've carried both my babies competely differently and they are both girls!! I'm carrying 'boy-like' this time....
I really wish I knew what I was having, I was so disappointed when the nurses made absolutely no effort whatsoever to get LO to move around, they just flat out said 'No we can't see and that's that' basically :(
My bump is all front and very low and im having a boy.
I'm all out front and have been carrying fairly low and I'm having a girl.
Ive only put on weight on my bump pretty much and im having a girl... dont know what that means lol
I carried all around with my first and high and had a girl, and this time I'm all up front and lower and having a boy x
im carrying all in front and low and im having a girl. x
Mines all out in front and probably quite low!!! I'm having a girl
my is all up front!! not sure if it high or low but im having a boy!

I don't know if mines high or low, but I know its all front.

And I'm having a girl. :D
Mine is all at front and is quite low and i'm having a girl. Have you thought about have a 3d/4d scan you would have to pay for it but it's an amazing experience and worth every penny to see you baby in 3d. :happydance:
I'm all at the front and started quite high, but am definitely dropping lower now, and she's definitely a girl....

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