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    Hello everyone

    We are students of the MA Publishing program at UCLan and we are working on a project some of you might be interested in. We are publishing an ebook on parenthood in the summer of 2011 and are looking for writers who want to contribute.

    This is the call for submission:

    Parents, we want to hear from you !
    Did your waters break in an unusual or embarrassing place? Did you fall out choosing your baby's name? Did you find your own ways to cope with baby-blues or sleep deprivation? Then why not share your experience with other parents, in a new book of parenthood stories called 'Blessing and Bother: How to Have Children and Live to Tell the Tale'.

    Published in summer 2011 by UCLan Publishing, 'Blessing and Bother' is all about parents sharing their stories of first-time parenthood, and how to survive it.

    From conception to potty-training, we want to hear your unusual, amusing or heart-warming accounts of how you overcame the trials and tribulations of parenthood.

    So, if you're a mum or dad with a quirky story to share, or a midwife with an entertaining anecdote, then please get in touch. The book will be edited, published and promoted by Publishing MA students at UCLan University, who will be on hand to work with you on your story and perfect it prior to publication.

    This is the website for further information on the deadline and guide lines:

    And this is is the facebook page:

    We're hoping to hear from you soon!

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