Can I Just rant?

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by WelshOneEmma, Oct 9, 2013.

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    Feeling so upset and literally have no-one to talk to about it.

    I have started a new job. Had 3 weeks leave before it started and it started this monday. Its the same as I was doing before and still home based.

    i had to travel up Sunday night for training Monday and Tuesday so hubby was home alone with the baby and animals.

    I get home about 5.30pm Tuesday evening and no-one was home. House trashed. No electricity (thats why they were out). he comes home, baby got no cardie or socks on (admittedly they were in the car to go get the electricity).

    No food has been taken out for Emilia's dinners (so we used packet). Nothing for us either (so cooked some homed made ready meals). He hasn't done any washing so she had no clean clothes or pyjamas. Plus the clothes that were dirty had been left, not soaked, so a number of tops now ruined as he hadn't tried to soak out any stains (I ask him EVERYTIME to do this).

    Emilia also struggling to poo and its hurting her when she does, turns out he's forgotten to give her water with her meals, or at all. The water in her bottle was stagnant.

    Not checked the account and money went out (for a course he was meant to tell them we didnt want to do-they just took the money). Now over the OD limit and incurred charges.

    How can they be so bloody useless?!?! i have to go to Brussels next month for training, really worried now.

    Then to top things off today i set everything up but needed to get some work bits from Staples. Wanted to go lunchtime but because he was struggling to get Emilia to nap (she cries, so he just picks her up and then brings her back downstairs), she fell asleep about 11.30am. He wanted to come with me so was about 2.30pm we popped out. Got back to find an email asking if i was attending a call at 3. I was so upset, i have actually been crying. So angry that I missed it and over stupid reasons (it was in my calendar but not showing in my appointments list).

    I just feel like a right twat. Having the new job doubts as it is and just feel mortified and that everything comes down to me. the only reason i am working is because i earn more than hubby and we cant survive on his salary.

    hence why i am ranting here, and not to him or my mum!
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    Take a deep breath. I know what you mean, I'm only out of the house 7:30 till 6 and it's like a bombs gone off!! Can you have a calm conversation about it, come up with a plan to help him cope before you go away again, maybe a list of things that need preparing before hand. Try to be proactive and positive about how you can make it work next time as opposed to just complaining about this time. I know this usually helps with my OH. Good luck x
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    I was the sole provider when my son was a baby. Hubby stayed home with him. He fixed him simple things to eat, changed his diaper when needed but as far as ANY cooking/cleaning none of that was done.

    Sooooo on my 1-2 days off from work each week (some weeks never even got one) I would spend most of it cleaning house from top to bottom. The kitchen sink was stuffed as was the counter with dirty dishes, living room a pig sty from toys (a toddler of course) to dried food remains from either my hubby or son eating in the living room, to ALLL the laundry that had accumulated :cry: It helps to rant and fume to friends, occasionally after exploding to hubby, the next week he'd clean up after himself but he'd soon slack off again.

    Thankfully he finally got his head out of his butt. It just took a while for him to learn how to be a house-husband. (They have to be trained, you know :haha: )

    It's ironic that now I am unable to work due to a medical condition and now it's like we've switched roles. I'm unable to do alot of stuff around the house so alot is left up for him to do :haha:

    Like the other person said, just take a deep breathe and try not to worry. He may not have the house spic and span (usually far from it :dohh: ), but you know he'll at least take care of ya'lls LO :flower:

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