Cant believe it!!!


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Feb 20, 2007
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Went into work this morning and have been made redundant!! Have been soooo busy and then all of a sudden the directors get letters from HMRC saying we cant operate the way we are so basically we have to cease trading as of tomorrow!!

One more bit of stress I really dont need at the moment seeing as I am getting married in 6 weeks too.

Feeling a little bit lost right now :cry:
I am sorry hun! Hope you find something else soon!
oh no! sorry to hear about that :(

Oh no thats terrible, I am so sorry :(
OH no hun!!!

Im sorry .... hope you find something ASAP!
Oh no hunny i hope everything works out for you
Sorry to hear that. mu mum also got made redundant after working for LOOT (the ad paper) for about 15 years - no thanks at all!

Just make sure you keep your head up and don't let it bring you down.

See it as fate and a chance to start something new and exciting!

All the best xxxx
You got everything sorted for the wedding??

Give me a yell if you need anything ... not spoke to you in a while either, sorry not been logged on!

Go grab yourself a glass of wine and take 5 ...

sorry hun this is awful timing but you wil find something else im sure of it!
Yea everything is pretty much sorted now thanks .. but thank you all. Mum is paying for the venue (thank god!!) and that is pretty much all that needs to be paid now .. just came as a bit of a shock really .. knocked me for six .. lol

OH said that I am to take a couple of weeks off now before I look for something else .. just to take time to relax and work out what I want to do with myself and he will pay for everything and not to worry about it .. aww bless him .. so gonna be a lady of leisure for a little while. :happydance:

Sorry girls .. might be seeing more of me .. lmao
Yayyyyyyy you can keep me company lol!

Take time out and relax hun, you OH is right you need to chill!

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