Can't relax. The days are going so slowly!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy After A Loss' started by Bx1, May 10, 2018.

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    May 10, 2018
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    So this is my first time posting and i'm posting because i simply just cant relax!

    Im currently just over 4 weeks.
    This is my 5th pregnancy.
    2 miscarriages around 9wks, 1 Son, then another miscarriage at 8wks just in November.

    I'v been to see my doctor and she has advised that i wait till around 8 weeks to get scanned but oh my gosh, the days are going so slowly!
    I currently have no symptoms, the only way I know is from a positive test, but I keep trying to reassure myself that i'm not even 5 weeks yet, and surely I cant be feeling anything just yet, i'm just worrying so much right now, my last miscarriage was only 5 months ago...what if its the same this time around :(
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    Mar 24, 2013
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    I understand your fear. I had two consecutive miscarriages, one at 6.5 weeks and another at 10 weeks. After my first miscarriage it took 2 years to conceive again and I was incredibly anxious the entire pregnancy. I shook almost daily because I constantly feared the worst. Unfortunately, the worst did happen and in January I had a mmc at 10 weeks which required a d&c. However, one cycle after that we surprisingly conceived again. I’m currently 14 weeks pregnant and all is well so far. While I’ll never know why I lost the other two pregnancies, I do know that every pregnancy is different and I try to treat each as such. I know it’s hard to wait for the scan, but you will be able to see more around 8 weeks. However, are you able to request a viability scan to help ease your mind?
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    Aug 6, 2014
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    I feel for you. I tested positive at 3w4d this time around, I'm at 7w2d now. Just had my first scan yesterday and it was fine. I have a septate uterus though, which wasn't properly diagnosed until about the implantation day of this pregnancy (I had been told bicornuate two years ago, which isn't as risky a problem), so I didn't have time to get it corrected first.

    Every day is still painfully slow. Weekends are better. I keep expecting to bleed every single day. I just today started feeling quite ill in the morning though, so that makes me feel a bit better. I didn't have much in the way of symptoms before that other than peeing a lot and a little bloating.

    I hope things start to go by a little faster for you. Keep yourself occupied with a hobby if you can. That's helped me a little.
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    Feb 15, 2012
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    You poor girl! I'm in a similar boat!! I feel for you.
    My first pregnancy is a 4.5 year old boy (2013).
    My second pregnancy was lost at 8w (2015).
    And I just found out I'm about 5w pregnant! That's a very early detection and, like you, my days are doing SO slowly, I'm not sleeping well at all, I'm trying to be happy but all I feel is fear.

    I'm only one week overdue for my menstrual. And although I only have one confirmed miscarriage, I absolutely suspect that I've passed others with menstrual cycles; cycles that were more painful and more bloody than "normal."

    Additionally, I have very stressful circumstances. Which doesn't help my "delicate condition."

    I'm afraid I have no helpful words, other than to say you are not alone.

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