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Cant stop/wont stop


Mum of 2 pg with no3!
Sep 4, 2006
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Eating ive had chicken an chips for tea then i had some crisps and now im hungry again :shock: i cant stop!!!! :help:
Mmm chicken dippers I fancy now :shock:
im dying for a fag stupid OH has gone to work with my bank card grrrr got no money and no one to tap a fag from and he wont be in from work till midnight :roll:

sorry to moan but im just off to have some tea and toast with jam
:D then the chocolate digestives then some crisps and who knows afterthat :lol:
wobbles dont im soooo hungry :lol: i fancy pork cracklin :shock:
Mmmmmmm see look what your doing to me - I fancy that now too

*Won't look at this thread again tonight* :shock:
is pork cracklings the same as they pork scratching crisp typw things? if so i tried them for the first time tonte and almost puked they stinky :lol:
No weester its actually of the meat pork, they sell it in morrisons and its scrumptious!
its so fattening though!
I could just eat a chinese!
I think im just gonna go to bed :lol:
ok the chicken dippers are in the oven...

thanks you lot...
:lol: awww terrie!
Im havin sausage roll yum!
I still can't face food with this gastric bug :sick: Neither can my derrier :rofl:

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