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Oct 24, 2006
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Have you decided which double buggy you're getting?

I took back the E3 and have got a Powertwin on order from here www.babyzoop.com , they're quite a bit cheaper than Mothercare (I think you mentioned the Powertwin before?). We're getting a red one as the blue is out of stock, they've just had a delivery of red ones in today and it's the last one as the powertwin is being phased out apparently. Thought I'd post just to let you know in case you're interested :) .
Hi Kina, interested to hear you took back the phil&ted afterall, what made you decide to do that?

The powertwin is my fav, but I wanted to see what this new iCandy looks like when its unveiled at the end of the month. (see my post in general chat) if it doesnt look suitable I will def be going for the Jane one. I was also looking at getting it from baby zoop as they were th cheapest, but having just looked on the site, they have gone up in price again and they have introduced the powertwin pro new for 2007 in a load of really funky colours!! Oh Im excited now, do you know what is ment to be differnt about the pro?
I'm not sure what's different - I'm getting the 'older' style that they're phasing out. I think with the new twin you can have two carrycot style attachments for if you have twins (ideal for Helen!).
I took back the E3 after your comments about Noah reaching the back wheels and the hood being really low. Plus after I saw the powertwin I hated the E3!!
I haven't seen the iCandy, but I don't have time to wait, I neeeeed a double. I've been slinging him but as I'm quite achy it's hurting me at the moment but I'm sure that will get better over the next few days.
Cool, yeah after reading more reviews of the E3 I found that other people had sia dht esame things about the wheels, and that the manufacturer was well aware and thats the reason they brought out mudguards, even though they dont work. Im soo loving the new colour combinations for the powertwin, I have sent an email to babyzoop asking if the new colours are availiable now, and what the changes are other than the colour.

You will have to let me know how you get on with yours when it arrives. Be warned though Ihave been told its a buger to assemble for the first time!
Yeah I read that it's a pita to put together. I'm hoping it comes whilst Matt's on paternity leave!!

The price has gone up by about £30 since I ordered on Monday and they didn't have the new colour combinations on there when I was looking. I ordered 2 matching buggy snuggles (rainbow stripe) to go with it.
I really really wish I had been able to get the powertwin as it looks very good with 2 kids of different ages in ti was well as 2 of the same age. A mum at the toddler group as got it and im envious.
Well very annoyingly I have fallen in love with the new colours, which are apparently due to be about as of the begining of May (when the baby is due!!) but they said they have a habit of having to push back the dates. But if Iorder one, I can gurantee getting one of the first ones in. Questionis do Irisk it, and chances are I wil lhave to go without a buggy for a little while.

The actual Jane wedsite isnt even showing the new ones on it!

Why does everything have to be coming out just after the birth of my bub? Not fair!
I was going to preorder the old style powertwin from Mothercare and it was due for delivery around the same time as my due date. Obviously though Alex came early so I was shafted. Moral of the story is be prepared for the unexpected lol

We looked at the Jane Power Twin and it was our 2nd choice in the end. I found it quite long and difficult to maneuver plus it doesn't fold very flat. I read the Which report on car seats and got put off Jane. They didn't review the Rebel car seat but they did do the Matrix car seat, as follows:

Jane Matrix Pro

This seat is designed for babies from birth to about a year (13kg). It is quite unusual in that it can carry very small babies both rearward-facing and lying flat, but in this latter mode it achieved just one star for overall safety and the risk of serious injury to a baby in a crash is far too high. Don’t buy this model.
Cons: Risk of serious injury in a crash.

That was enough to put me off Jane full stop, rightly or wrongly.
Oh dear, that is terrible
Oh thats worrying. I dont know about kina but Im not getting the car seats anyway as I still have my car seat from noah, and you dont need them for the buggy to be suitable for newborn.

Helen its worth noting that I contacted the store to ask what is differnt about the new 2007 model (other than the colours) and the other changes are all to the car seat, so these problems may be resolved.

Im surprised you found it hard to manouver too, cause we thought it looked long (like all tandems) but when we conpared it to our existing single buggy from mamas & papas we found it only 2 inches longer!
I thought it was quite easy to manouvre and fold aswell, though when Matt tried putting it in the boot there wasn't much space around it and the parcel shelf had to come off (we've got an astra). I'm using my old car seat at the moment without the easy fix base as that forces Alex to sit up too straight so his head flops badly forward. I saw a woman in Tescos with the powetwin with 2 rebel car seats in it and it wasn't very nice as the babies were really flopped forwards, I would have thought that would be bad for such young babies to be in for any length of time. If I was going to use the powertwin for twins it would be with the two seats/carrycots that lie flat (but not use them as car seats).
Hi Kina

You can't fit the lay flat carrycots in the PowerTwin, you have to go for the 4 wheeler instead. Can't remember what that's called but that's even bigger!
Ahhhhh that's the new one isn't it? I remember now, sorry!!

My buggy arrived today at 7.45am :happydance:So DH put it together and it took him under 10 mins which was surprising as I thought it would take him hours from the stories I'd read! We roadtested it and it's pretty good. Only complaint would be how close Ella is to the hood, but I'll take her hood off in the summer and just use a parasol.

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