CBFM & OPK's need some advice!

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by lexus15, Nov 19, 2011.

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    Have also posted this in TTC over 35 as I'm 37 ttc #2!

    This cycle I thought I would use my cbfm after giving it 6 months break, I never reset it & was asked to test with a stick from on cd 6 onwards.

    I got my first & second peak on cd 11 & 12 & had what I thought was early ov pains in my left side but no ewcm. Thought this was slightly strange as I normally ov around cd 14/15.

    Decided to still use opk's & they were coming out negative until yesterday/today (cd 14/15) when they were positive with strong ov pains in left side + back area + ewcm. Confused? Your not the only one!

    I had with OH on cd 10 & 12 & will be hoping to dtd tonight, although he's not well so it might not happen. Now I'm not sure if I've covered my bases? Has anyone else experienced this? How I can I be ov for nearly a week??
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    I don't know anything about the CBFM, but wonder if it's not right just bc you haven't used it in 6 months so maybe that got something off???

    It'd seem to me that if your OPK's are positive and you're having all they usual signs then I'd assume the CBFM was wrong. As for if you're covered....depends. If you actually o'd on the 14th or 15th then I'd say yes. My doctor and some articles I've read said that you have a better chance of getting pregnant if you dtd the day b/4 you get a positive OPK, not if you wait til you get the positive. And seeing how sperm can live 3 to 5 days then I'd say yep, you're covered. I'd think tonight would be too late, but again, just depends on when you actally o'd. Good luck

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