CD 13 can I feel Ovulation? HELP


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Sep 19, 2008
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I am on CD 13 of cycle 4 since being on Metformin 850mg twice daily and I am almost certain I feel like I am ovulating.

I can't describe the feeling itself, it's weird, on the odd occasion, I get pain when the dreaded :witch: is due, but this is a completely different feeling?! anyone else on Metformin experienced this?
i've not used metformin but i'm on clomid and i'm starting to get those feelings today almost like twing but like a cramp at the same time. does that make sense?
yeh it's like a really random feeling, it started today with me too and it's a bit like someone is gently pinching me inside! not painful just weird!
I alwayy get a very achey feeling in the lower half of my stomach the two days I ov (usually confirmed by OPK's and temp rise) and I always think of this as my ov pain. Its sort of a bit like AF pain but not really - I cant describe it either - I just know I dont get it at any other time in my cycle.

I really hope this month is your month sweetie.

bx x :hugs::hugs:
thanks beckic, I hope so too!

I really hope it's my turn. I shall continue to BD in hope! :)
at least we know we're not the only ones now nat!
good luck x x x
Sounds like O to me, that's how mine feels :dance:
I am not on Metformin but I am on CD14 today and got a positive on OPK this morning .I was walking about lunch time and had the achey feeling your describing it's like very mild AF pains. A little uncomfortable.

Good luck get BD'ing...xx
Oh please let this be the same for me, think i am off to get some of those 'lil sticks to try.
every month when im due to ovulate i get a pain in my side, its usually quite severe. Last month i was hospitalised it was that bad lol
im not on any drugs but thought id let you know it does happen

GL and baby dust to all


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