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Chatroom Tonight (Saturday) Between 8-9?


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Aug 31, 2006
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Yes? No? Bog off?


I can chat for about an hour if anyone would lik to join lil ol' me :p
Oh dear no can do , am out on the town again!!! :wine:

was out last night aswell so am now assuming i won't be out again 'til Jack is 18
Jo I wished I was joining you :lol: but I will be with Wobbles! :( I have no life, but I will be chatting with a wine in my hand! :D
i will try and make it, takeing the kids to see the firwork display tonight

not sure what time it finishes, but i will come on when we get back

Aw cool I have a friend :lol:

Funny I have no kids yet we still stuck in *sigh* Not seen a club since I celebrated splitting from my ex :rofl:
I don't normally have a life, this week is a fluke :-$

:rain: Lol i didn't get up 'til 12.15 :shock:
Oh no the possibility of 2 friends :lol:
I went to the 'club' in town for the first time since i found out i was PG with Jack, lol i can't dance unless pissed

so nearly 2 years since i strutted my stuff :shock:
I haven't been out in ages. I cant be arsed nowadays! :p
Wobbles can you contain your excitement? :lol:
I love hitting the clubs but I prefer to be at the side getting happily drunk & watching others trip over them selves dancing :change:

K - I can't no LOL :rofl: :lolly:
Wobbles said:
Yes? No? Bog off?


I can chat for about an hour if anyone would lik to join lil ol' me :p

Bog off :p :lol:

Ill be there, i have no life other than my pc lol
I should be about depends on how my dog is with the fireworks

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