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Child Free!! Let the debauchary begin!


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Nov 8, 2006
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Well erm sort of. I have just packed Noah of with my mum for the weekend afert showing her the fine art of using cloth nappies.

I have par poiled my roast potatoes ready for a candle lit dinner with OH of chicken with goats cheese and portabello muchrooms wraped in parma ham.

Then were off to the cinema to see 300, and eat copious amounts of baskin robins ice cream (no doubt to be polished off before the trailers have even ended) Then bliss of bliss two days of being able to have lay-ins till midday hopefully with a little slap and tickle, cause I have forgotten what OHs willy even looks like (might need instructions).

And some leasurly DIY decorating both kids rooms, topped off with a roast dinner at my mums when we go to pick the man up on Sunday afternoon.

As much as I love him and well up to see him go, god its nice to have some adult time!
You lucky thing!!!

Hope you have a fantasticly wicked weekend!! Don't do anything I wouldn't do! :winkwink:
You lucky thing. Mind you I have a night off tomorrow night, I act in Murders Mysteries and tomorrow night is my return. A bit stressful as I leave home at 5pm and won't be back until late, but I am only around the corner. I am sure Lee will cope, although my boobs might not! Better take the pump with me lol.
Yay lucky you although im not totaly childless i only have frankie with me and even thats so nice as she aint half as destructive and noisy as to what lewis can be!!!! :happydance:
have a fab weekend :) sounds nice.

eva is sleeping at my mams tonight too yay. im going out for a pub lunch tonight with two of my friends and I think we are going to see 300 in the morning (I know its a weird time but its the only time we can fit it in haha)

Enjoy yourself Cat!xx

madam has never been away from me overnight yet! :baby: :dohh:
It is lovely to have a week-end to yourself. I had two weeks when Chloe was 2 lol but it nearly killed me,I was in Jamaica so couldnt just nip back. But a week-end is lush,makes you remember why you married the OH and all the good points they have.


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