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Club foot and downs syndrome


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Jun 27, 2008
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Ok so this is a duplicate, but I just wnated something, I dunno what but something.

I have just got off the phone to my mum and fund out my sister discovered her baby has club foot, I'm not sure if its both or one and the doctors have basically terrified her by saying it's linked ot downs syndrome. They've gone on and on at her to have an amniocentecis, thank god she managed to stay strong and told them why what difference would it make, she wouln't abort and she can prepare herself for the 'worst'.

I'm absolutely devastated my sister has to go through this, I'm pregnant too obvioulsy she's 21 weeks I think and has another scan in six weeks. I'm so upset for her, my whole family seem to have to go through every kinda of challenge you can imagine! I'm also and maybe I'm being slefish but am really worried my being pregnant will upset her more.

Anyway I don't even know why I'm posting to be honest, I guess to express my fear and concern for her and her hubby! I've looked into it and apparently it's not such a risk if it's one club foot, as in one club foot is far more common than one club foot and downs! Also there are tons of ways it can be helped and shouldn't affect the child's life at all really.

I don't really know what to do, whether to email her links I've found, offer suport or just leave her being as I'm pregnant as well and I don't want to make her feel bad. I'm completly lost and upset and really don't know what to do, she phoned my mum not me. So I'm taking as she doesn't want to talk to me just yet.

Anyway signing off for now.
I'm sorry hun, I don't really know what to say. Hope everthings okay. x
Hi hun firstly :hugs: and sorry to hear about the stress your sister is going through.

My best friend has a club foot and does not have downs syndrome. She is a midwife and leads a perfectly normal life. So it does not mean something really bad at the scan.

I hope you get the results you want and dont let it worry you for yours xx
I've never heared that link....ever.

I know it can be associated with Spina Bifida and hip problems too but never heared of a link with Downs Syndrome.

Glad your sister is strong....there's probably more chance of miscarriage through amnio than there is the chance of baby having Downs:hissy:

There's fab treatments now for club foot and they are very effective. My cousin had a club foot, admittedly it wasn't a severe case but they managed to guide hers back to a "normal" position after many months of wearing this brace thingy and no operations needed:happydance:

Good luck to your sister xxxxxx
er.. I had a club foot (mine was also manipulated into shape using calipers). And I don't have downs. if that's any help.
Were any other abnormalities found in the scan?
:hug:For you and all your family and hopefully everything will be ok x x x :hug:
The triple screen testing for downs, etc, is by no means a fool proof test, even with the second one. All it does is tell you your chances for it, nothing more, and is not worth the risk, in my opinion.
And I'm sorry to hear about her club foot. Really the best thing you can do for her is just let her know you are there for her, and let her decide to what degree she wants you involved.
:hugs: You are a good sister.
:hug: to you and your sis and kudos to her for staying firm! I'm with Penny, offer support and leave her to involve the people she feels she needs... Chin up hon.
Sorry you're feeling anxious and scared hun. My little brother was born with club foot (medical term is Talipes)

He had bilateral talipes (both feet affected) and was/is fine (he's now 25) but as a child, he did have to undergo quite a lot of physiotherapy as well as having his feet in corrective casts and corrective shoes for a few years. I've never know it to be linked to/a sign of downs, but just wanted to let you know that club foot in itself is definately something that can be corrected quite easily, it just takes time.

I think you are right about letting your sister come to you when she is ready...she probably has a lot to get her head around at the moment. Like others have said, I am aware of people who have been born with club foot and who do not have down's syndrome...in fact I have never heard of a link until now.

I think one really important thing for a parent who has been told that their child may have any kind of physical and/or learning difficulty is that the people around them don't respond like the whole situation is a tragedy...as you no doubt agree, her baby is a wonderful gift regardless of any difficulties he/she may have and your sister will prob need to feel assured that people around her aknowledge this.

Best wishes to you and your sister. Lx

ive never heard of the link either, i thought club foot was linked to a clef palate??my partners brother had both.. and perfectly normal

i hope u and ur sister all the best x
So sorry to hear about your sister's less than perfect scan. I can understand that you are anxious for her and not sure how to handle speaking to your sister. I would handle it by sending her a text or email and saying that you are sorry the scan wasn't perfect and you understand if she needs some time and that you are there for her when she feels ready. Let her come to you in her own time.
As others have said i've never heard of a link between downs and club foot. There was a Bob Winston programme on about a month ago where they treated a baby's club foot with plaster casts holding the foot in gradual positions as the bones are so soft it can be manipulated into the correct position. It is amazing what can be done these days. Just give her time. :hugs:
Ive never heard that. My OH was born with both club feet and he is not downs. Also club feet are much more common in boys than girls twice as common in fact if thats any reasurrance. Ive found this link for you https://www.massgeneral.org/ORTHO/ClubFoot.htm
hope its a little helpful
So sorry to hear your sister is having to go through this worry hun.:hugs:

I would definitely drop her a text telling her you are there for her when she is ready.:hugs:

And I've never heard of a link between downs and a club foot either.

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