Could I be Preg new to the forum any advice please!!


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May 22, 2007
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Hi :hi: ,
I'm new to the forum any advice appreciated v confused:help: quick run down OH and I been ttc since Nov 04 & nothing finally get checked out at hospital now nothing wrong found yet, We have been using Fertilaid green tea and Preeseed (preseed just last couple of month) Thing is AF isn't due till fri but last few days have been feeling sick on and off all say every day not been sick tho, also strange not quite sore but uncomfertable almost crampy like twinges in lower abdomen on and off verry bloated and moody tired and more hungry, done test yesterday BFN but in saying that Af not due till fri anyone had this before af and been preg any advice PLEASE.:dust: :dust:

Stacey xxx

I can't really help with your query, but hope :witch: stays away

Well from what you describe it sounds very promising
I felt sicky very early with mine
The twinges could well be implantation
Fingers crossed for you hun
Hey hun, i had this several times once resulted in pregnancy the other twice it was my imagination lol id recomend waiting till at least thursday then test with clearblue digital just to be sure

Stacey xxxx
Thank you so much for all you kind words, think I forgot to say other thing I have is dull ache in bottom of my back on and off?!?!?:wacko: Anyway gonna wait till weekend if :witch: doesn't turn up before then test again, I know what you mean bout imagination I had that often at start of journey then you just kinda go threw motion and dont expect anything, But how I been feelin is very real or at least it feels like it is :rofl: :rofl: ?! This whole thing sendin me mad.

Stacey xxxx
Sorry, welcome to the forum hun, forgot to say it before LOL
hellooo welcome to bnb :hi:

i hope the :witch: stays away for you and you get your BFP this month

fingers crossed
TTC joys :dohh:

Godo luck hun :dust: & welcome to BabyandBump

:hugs: Fingers Crossed for a BFP!!!!!:hugs:
Hi guys,
Thank you all for taking the time to read this and for your reply's another question tho :wacko:, I woke up this morning with a strange taste in my mouth that can't describe and a yellow tounge?!? also ment to ask yesterday my (.)(.) like a road map every evening ( n I don't mean flat and wrinkled :rofl: :rofl: !) They covered in very obvious blue veins but not the rest of the day any ideas? I can't really tell any size difference but I'm 34 DD anyway.

Stacey xxxxx

Wana :crib:
Everything sounds promising.

AF signs are the same as pg signs in many ways which is annoying :hissy:

Not long til Friday :dust: What tests are you using?
:hi:I have Advanced ultra HCG but dont know how good the are OH picked them up ment to be most sensitive on market but so many say that:dohh: :dohh: I know what you sayin bout been same sign's as AF so many times @ start of this journey its been long one 2 and half year so far I looked into it too much got excited and it was just :witch: on way :hissy: , Then stopped readin in to any possiblesigns but never felt like this month but could be my mind playing tricks. Hope you and Bump are well Congrats btw.

Stacey xxx
Do you chart or anything - Sorry if you have already mentioned this or used OPKs?

2 half years? Have you seen your GP?

An thanks hun :hugs: - Its not been the easiest journey for me :( I understand the frustration x
I've been using clear blue fertility moniter also was on Ovulex for but (6month) but didnt work, I'm now using fertilaid, and was also drinking fertilitea, I also found the stress after bit affected my cm ended up v scarse when I needed it most so used Preseed on high days last month and this know so many people it has helped so figure its worth a try :blush: . I'm getting things checked out at hospital it mo just waiting for appointment for a laparoscopy they haven't found anything so far, I've only managed to get as far as them taking me seriously since Jan and I had to bypass docs and go straight to hosp, doc kept telling me I was still young so wasn't willing to test yet made me so :devil: just because of my age doesn't mean there is not an under lying prob.

I read some of your journey and it has not been easy for you iit is =so hard and you go threw stages of thinking it will never happen but so glad you got there you really deserve this honey.

Stacey xx
Thanks :hugs:

How does the monitor work for you? I 'nearly' got one of them but opted to chart instead.

Do you have a problem with CM or lack of?

There was few things I did differently in the last couple of months before this pregnancy: I like to have a weekend drink at home which is vodka or bacardi which I hadnt done in weeks bar maybe 1 or 2 glasses but I drank wine & a couple of pop things. I was taking the agnus & raspberry liquid & I started up my baby aspirin again. Not sure if any of it helped or just coincidence (sp) ....

No problem with cm as in it hostile etc (that I know of) they not tested that yet and usually no prob with amount but with the stress of this bn prob with lack of which is why we thought we would give preseed atry figure it can't hurt, I've heard a few people saying that about baby asprin if this not my month I mite give it a try,the clear blue moniter been great only had prob once it showed me 10 high days in row no ovulation and no low days :wacko: :wacko: but went back to norm the next month so not sure what that was about to b honest. You know you getting desparate for that BFP when you start looking forward to gaining the baby fat :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: .

Stacey xx
Self medicating isn't too adviced ... Speak to GP about the option first. I I had a borderline for lupus you see but it was low & I had a pending MC (low hcg level) then repeated when I was defo not pg & it was negative but I was told from then to take it.

CM wise some girls have mentione dthe 'magic medicine' thing but AG is the best gal to ask about that if you wanted to know.

Tbh I don't need a baby to look wobbley just an excuse :rofl:

I bought the raspberry & agnus from here:

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