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Aug 12, 2008
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hi ladies went for my first scan yesterday bubbas doing great but they noticed i ad a cyst on my right overy they told me it should dissapear by the next scan but i just googled it and now im worried just wondering if any of you ladies have ad this cheers
Not experienced this, I hope it goes for you and isn't anything serious. xx
My sister did...and it disappered. It's quite normal apparently:hugs:

Hello !

I had quite a big cyst on my womb at my last scan, it was my 2nd scan today and its gone - nothing to worry about even if it doesn't disappear, its quite normal and related to the pregnancy hormones

Hope this helps a little?
Hi hun, i had this, my midwife explained to me that it usually happens in the ovary that the egg is released from, and it will dissapear, and when i went today it had gone!!!

hopefully urs is nothing to worry about xx
I have cysts also- they suck but they're harmless.
Just to add to what the others have said, when I had my first scan at 8 weeks, they found I had cysts on both of my ovaries.

It's really common to get one on the ovary that you ovulate from that month - it's called a Luteal cyst (I think), and is harmless. They normally go on their own.

The other one I have is called a Dermoid Cyst, and again, is harmless. They told me they may remove it once bubs is born, but there's absolutely no need to.

Did they give yours a name? I'd imagine it's a luteal one....check in your notes, they may have written it in there.

thanx welsh girl just checked my notes and its a luteal cyst feel reasured now many thanx :)
i had a 5 an half centimeter cyst on one of my ovarys and it just disapered by the time i had my next scan to check on it i wasnt pregnant at the time i think they only are a problem if they grow bigger than that and dont diasapear but i dont think they r hard for docs 2 remove
Hi Hun, they found one at my 6 weeks scan but by the 12 week it had completely gone and they said they are quite common 9 times out of 10 they go on there own xx

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