Dealing with the past

Sep 4, 2006
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I am having loads of trouble dealing with the fact that my daughters father is not going to be any part of her life. We were both in shock to find out I was pregnant and after loads of arguments I told him it was best for the baby that he didn't contact me unless he was gonna be postive. That said he hasn't bothered contact me since January.(My daughter is 16 wks old) I've found out through friends that he then went back to his ex girlfriend and they have now bought a house together. It is very hard to come to terms with. I feel like I could never trust anyone again and I also am filled with jealousy that he is able to afford a new house and can play happy families with his girlfriend while I'm alone and raising his daughter alone. Any advice?? :(
I too am raising my daughter alone and your story is not that different from mine ..

My ex hasn't contacted me since maddie has been born and to be honest im glad!!

I'd rather have a happy little girl without her father than a miserable one with a dad, Children can pick up and sence when something isn't quite right and if thats his attitude then stuff him!!

I've found postives in my situation even though when i look at my daughter i see her father in her so much, it hurts.

Try not to live in the past you have a gorgeous little girl who you love with all your heart .. look at it this way, you don't have to share! :wink:

Chin up babes ...

The only way is up :D
im the same hun my ex was messing my son around the same and i sed the same
he is now living in a £600 a month flat getting drunk all the time and yet Braydon is worth nothing :twisted: :twisted:
Hi i know how you feel because i was in the same situation my eldest joshua's dad has never been intrested in him from the start. We was in love living together and engaged untill i fell pg and his mother made us split up he was tied to her apron strings we were both 17. I have never gotton over the fact he dosen't see me or his son. He does pay CSA OF £202 to me but thats not the point is it. My son struggles with the same learning difficuties as his dad dysparxia which i could really use his help with. Its so hard knowing that james dose not love our son!

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