Debating on returning to work at 31 weeks and what to do afterwards

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by atalanta85, Jun 11, 2013.

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    In a week and a half, I will be finishing university placements and returning to work until I pop. The boss has organised for me to do admin work for the last weeks and no opening shifts (meaning no more 5am starts and no more physical labour work), but my hours aren't guaranteed so I could be working a little or a lot - I have asked for 20hrs a week minimum though and there is a possibility of working from home.

    Already I'm feeling exhausted, I'm getting dizzy and getting a little nauseas. I've had to walk off and sit down for 15 minutes with an icy glass of water a few times now until the spinning goes away.

    I really don't know if I should return to work. I don't feel up to it, but on the other side of things, financially I need to return. I enquired about maternity leave payments last week (government payments) and was told they don't start until 8 weeks after the birth - as long as I lodge 'proof of birth' pretty much the next day. So, if I don't return to work and if I deliver on time, it will be 18 weeks without an income.

    My partner will support me, but I still want to contribute and don't feel right asking him to pay my personal bills (mobile, car loan etc) for that long. I'm torn between what my body and my head are telling me to do.

    In addition, I don't know when to return to work after the birth. Again, my partner will support me if I don't, but I hate not making a contribution. Financially I should go back when the maternity payments stop, but to what job?

    • My current low income job where I could do casual and pretty much the hours I want (around 10-20hrs I'm guessing)
    • My degree job which pays $10+/hr more than my current job, plus gives 12 weeks holidays per year and 20 days sick pay, but will be full time as part time positions are extremely rare (38hrs guaranteed) - which I will need to find a vacancy and get the job first

    I would feel guilty with the lower income (and it'll probably all go towards child care), but would feel even more guilty returning to work full time at only 18 weeks old.

    I'm so confused...

    (sorry this is long, but it's been playing over and over in my head for months now and I still haven't made any progress in my decision)
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    If it were me I would try to work until close to the due date, to save some money. Then take off as much time as possible after baby is born and start a higher paying job that uses your degree when you're ready. It would be a shame not to use your degree! Is there any way you can work part time at the higher paying job when you go back to work?

    And don't feel bad about your OH paying bills! Trust me you'll be working hard taking care of baby.
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    if you are feeling unwell now and getting dizzy etc it will only get worse when you at work on the go all day. You need to think of your child, if your OH is willing to help support you for that short time then i feel you should just suck up your pride and accept the help, after all your health and unborn baby are more important. Is it really worth risking illness etc for the sake of your pride?? i certainly wouldn't.

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