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Dentist - Anesthetic


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Aug 31, 2006
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Ok I don't know if this is stupid but on the 19th I had to go & see the dentist. I had an anesthetic to numb the mouth to take a tooth out ... he knew my circumstances & assured me it to be safe although I'd read it was & had been told that anyway but I've just realised that was on the 19th then it was the 20th (day after) that this show of light blood in discharge started!!

Could it be related or just coincidence?

:hugs: Wobbs, Im sure it is just a coinsidence. But you should jot that down and ask your Dr on Thursday.

p.s. It nice to see you put your Ticker back up......
Prob take it back down moro :rofl:

I'll kno won Thursday anyway :(
so you will be able to see when the little bean is?
Where you mean?

If it's not there teh pregnancy isn't where it should be so yer basically. I'll prob be admitted if theres no pregnancy in the womb.
Wobbs I had the aenesthetic (or however you spell it) when I was pregnant as they took my tooth out :(

If the dentist knew your circumstances all will be fine. It is just a coincidence.

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