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Sep 25, 2008
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Hi All

I am new :wave:

My question is - I am due my depo injection tomorrow but have decided to come off it - as I have read that it can take 2 years for your fertility to come back. I have swiched to the pill.

Has anyone else had the experience of this switch as I am not sure what to expect.

Sorry its long and hope it makes sense.

Any advice would be great.
when i first went on depo, i came off and went on the pill, and took it for four months, four months after that my periods came back. This time i didnt go on anything after depo cos TTC and last depo was in dec 07 and have yet to get a period. hope that helps. Doc told me the pill wont make ur period come back any quicker.
Depo should be banned.

It took me over a year to get pregnant with my second baby and even longer with my 5th. The longer your on it the harder it is. It is only approved for a 2 year use and can cause bone density issues.

They use it to chemically castrate people but the dose is like 5 times higher than what we would get.
Depo sent me to the hospital emergency as I fainted and was bleeding from my ears and nose ..I went through a CTscan Luckly it was all ok but my reproductive system took a toll I was on it for 1 1/2 years and it messed me up I stopped it once I got out of the hospital by DR order ..He gave me the bad news that depo had killed 50% of my ovaries and he wasent quite sure if Id ever have a baby ..I tried for 2 years and took the pill to regulate my period after almost 2 1/2 years our son was created but then again my happiness was'nt set in as the OBGYN told me max would have serious complications due to depo still being in my system ..Once again I was lucky MAX is a healthy baby boy with only one deformity that is'nt bad at all ..his foreskin has'nt fully developed so he looks circumsized ..this may cause problems in his teens but for now hes okay DR is keeping an eye on it
Hi :hi: I'm sorry I've never been on depo but just didn't want to read and run. There are many ladies on here who have been on depo so I'm sure they'll be able to help you out.

Hi. I was on depo for 9 months, when I came off and onto the pill it took 10 months for my periods to return to normal. My doctor also said that the pill wouldnt help them return to normal.
Thanks everyone!

I am not ready to try yet, which is why I changed to the pill - I changed as I had ready the stories about it taking 2 years for your fertility to return. I didn't want to be in the situation when we are ready to try and it then takes another 2 years.

i was on depo for a year and stopped having it i then had to go on the pill as my periods hadnt come back, they are a little over the place but i can put up with that lol
Hi all :wave:

Another ex depo user here! EVIL VILE DRUG!! agree that it should be banned!!! I think you have made a very wise choice to come off now in preparation for when you want to TTC.

Good luck

Kerry xx
Thanks for all your tips!

I am hoping that everything sorts its self out for the time we want to TTC - hopefully July 2010 or before if I get my way.......


Thanks also for making me feel welcome. I am so excited about the future and ttc but can't really talk to anyone about it, other than my OH and there is only so much baby talk he can deal with. I would talk about it all the time and he tells me to yes plan for the future but to enjoy now. I was the same I had planned our wedding before we were engaged

Hey Norris
Jus read ur post n am so glas u posted, I too have bn on depo, but for like 5 years. I'm really pleased to see that u are now expecting but obv the things i've read make me nervious as i'm soo broody at the mo. How long did it take u to conceive? I'm really worried about all this. Thanks. x
I'm on depo atm, have been for about 6 mths. Tbh I've hated it - mostly cuz of the weight gain and lowering my libido to almost nothing. :cry: I'll be going on the pill next time as I've never had issues when I was on it (apart from sometimes forgetting to take it.) Hope the switch goes fine for you! :hugs:

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