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Jan 7, 2007
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I'm trying to "help myself" so to speak not get PND, I know not everybody suffers but I want to give myself the best chance of not getting it.

One of the big things we've said is no visitors for the first few days when we've come home. We've done this so that it gives us as his parents chance to bond & get to know our baby and for him to get to know us!
One of the other things I was worried about is too much handling (by family/friends) I don't want other people to be saying 'i'll do this, i'll do that!' and us not getting a look in. I know we've got the rest of his life to do things for him, but to me the first however many months seem most important for bonding!
Because I've never suffered with PND (obviosly as 1st baby) I wondered if anybody else has any tips of what to do and what not to do, or things that just helped you bond quicker/easier/better with your baby?

ta xx
I see girls saying breast feeding is a good bond :D

I'm not sure you can prevent PND ... ?!
I completely understand wanting time alone with the baby. But, if you begin to feel overwhelmed, ask for help. You never know how you're going to feel..physically or emotionally. I had two c-sections. With my daughter, I bounced right back and did EVERYTHING myself. With my son, I felt completely exhausted, plus I had a 2 year old to deal with. After about a week of feeling overwhelmed, I called my sister. She came over and put me to bed for a few hours and did some chores around the house. When I woke up, I was renewed and felt better. Just make sure you have a family member or friend near by..just in case you need them. As far as people holding him all the time..just politely say no. You don't want to spoil him for sure. My mom said she read an article about new babies..said they actually get sore at first because they've never been held. One more thing..your baby is already bonding to you and he hears Daddy's voice too. He knows your voice, smell, etc. Not sure if you can do anything to strengthen that.
i agree with you that you need a few days alone with your baby. we didnt get that and it really really got me down.

ive had PND if you have any more questions
Id say its great to have those first few days alone together, but as soon as you can also start using your support network, and build up a new one too, with parent groups etc,

I also agree that you need to shout if you need some help, its a tiring time, and tiredness is dosent help any situation.

You can always get good support and advice on here too, there are some girls who have/are going through PND.
I don't think there is any miracle that prevents you getting PND, sorry! If there is then I'd love to know what it is :)
I don't think there is any miracle that prevents you getting PND, sorry! If there is then I'd love to know what it is :)

I agree. Its also an individual thing to, I felt incredibly isolated so I personally liked having people around and getting out. If you ahve a history of depression it is worth sayng this to your midwife so they can look out for it. Personally though I wouldnn't be worrying about it at this stage, otherwise you may end up overanalysing your feelings. Just take each day as it comes and if you feel something is not right then talk to your HV or Dr.

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