Dr's Appointment to check HCG level


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Sep 4, 2006
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Went to the Dr this morning for results of my Urine sample - All clear :happydance: .
They also did a Pg test which I didnt ask for as it was 4 days before my period was due. That came back negative - Wobbles your right, their tests are crap. I did my 1st clearblue with the same sample and got a massive positive.

The Dr told me last week that if I was pregnant to call in and they'd do a blood test to check my HCG levels were rising as they should.
So I had my first blood test today and she made me an appointment for friday to have them re-checked. And then she'll make me an appointment for next wednesday for a third test.

She also said that if the levels aren't rising as they should then the inevitable will happen :( And she'll send me for tests straight away.

But if the levels are rising as they should then she'll book me in for a scan when I'm in my 6th week :dance: Which will be not next week but the week after.

I feel so much more relaxed, at least I won't have to wait until 8 or 9 weeks just wondering if I'll get past that stage without bleeding.

Thanks for listening.

Charm X
Hun I had to take a Clearblue into the hospital with me! I was so ANGRY!!!

"She also said that if the levels aren't rising as they should then the inevitable will happen"
Please don't worry about that - That is for 'everyone' hun x When do you get the result from today?

6 weeks scan may be scarey I'm wondering if I should go this Monday well in fact it was OH who suggested I maybe made my excuses as dates are probably a little out!

FF tells me I'm 5.1 from O day but 4.6 from last bleed! Never ONE answer is there LOL BUt I am on day 35 :dance:
I should get the results from todays test on friday when I go back. It's so scarey.

I'm a bit concerned about the 6 week scan myself. What if they don't see a heartbeat does it just mean that I may be too early or is it bad news. But sod it, if it means I get more scans the better :wink:

Silly isn't it, I'm on Day33 so in theory I'm 4.5wks from last bleed, but 4.3wks if I use the FF ovulation date and with my little picture below it puts me at 4.4wks. Either way by Monday 9th October I should be at least 6.3 days so I'll see if they can arrange the scan towards the end of the week for a better result.

Good Luck next week [-o<

Heartbeat I'm not sure as its normal not to see a sac until about week 6 I have read & been told!

All too confusing for me at the moment.

I say your levels will be FINE hun *lots of sticky vibes*
Oh Charm I really wish you the best of luck babe & you Wobbles!! [-o< [-o<


I went to the Dr this morning have had another test, I'll get the results next week.
But my results from Wednesday just gone which was 17DPO according to FF was 821.
I think this is a good level but won't know until it's compared to today which should double [-o<

Anyone got any info?

Half sleeping!

A nice healthy level :D

*Pist* also sent you a PM :lol:
I rang the Dr's friday at 4.00pm to see if they had the 2nd result back yet but the receptionist said it wasn't back :x
I'm glad in a way because if it's not doubled then I would have spent my weekend worried to death.
Anyhow, I'm ringing monday lunchtime and fingers crossed the levels have risen loads.

if they say its not there, tell them to phone the lab,they can do that no bother for you...they can do it a couple of hours after they have been done if the catch the correct pick up on time....i used to work in a doctors clinic and phoned for results all the time....
the midwife got my results from the hospital in 2 hours for me last time too...
fingers crossed for you babe...
I had the blood test done at 10.40am and the hospital send someone to pick up the stuff for the testing lab at 1.00pm.
So they should def be back monday but I'll have to wait till midday as they won't bother ringing the lab up for me. They moan about giving you results over the phone, half the time they're really funny.
Not to worry in a way I don't want to know in case it's bad news :?

some receptionists are right stroppy madames, i would have phoned for you honey....i phoned for anything if i knew someone needed to know to stop worrying etc....i actually quite liked my wee job during uni, felt like i was doing my wee bit to help someone....
baby glue love bxox
Fuck em phone I would! I can't stand people like that (snotty nurses) I pestered them constantly an will continue to do so until I'm happy or I have what I want!

Usually when the bloods are done they are on the system by the end of the day - For me its before 12 noon an I get them back at 4!

theres no reason they wouldnt have results unless they have taken them after 4, but i would phone the hosp labs for the levels...you will know what the levels need to be around too...dont like snotty nurses or receptionists either....
No news is good news, so they say :wink:

Hope you got them at last hun xx
Sorry girls, I was busy last night and didn't get the chance to come on here.

No, stupid bloody receptionist said the results were back but the Dr hasn't seen them yet.
So I said It's ok It was for my 2nd HCG blood test so I just need the number that the lab would have put down.
But she said that she couldn't see a number on the report.
So I told her about my test wednesday and the number was 821 so she knew where to look but she still couldn't find it.

She told me to ring back tuesday afternoon and hopefully the doctor would have seen it, if not they'll get the doctor to check it and give me a call.

Bloody useless as I'm back there Wednesday at 10.50am anyway so I might as well ask her myself.

never mind, I'm glad in a way because if it was a low number I'd be panicking now but I'm not because I don't know.

Sorry, that all sounds so confusing :lol:

Thank you for asking after me :hugs: and I'll let you know tomorrow as soon as I get back to work.

Charm X
OOh good luck charm,they would have phoned if low I reckon. Dont care do they? I cant believe how calm you are I would be screaming with frustration.

How do you feel? Cramping eased?

Hope your ok
Hi bexxie :hugs:

Yeah I'm fine, cramping is just very slight now and again, nothing to worry about.

I'm back at the Drs tomorrow so I'll just wait till then. I really hope the results are good and then she'll book me a scan for next week to see if everything's ok [-o<

I'm trying not to worry but I'm anxious to know.

How you doing?

Charm X

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